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MBPWIf I was a robot I’d be driving my master insane. I am acting perfectly normally and for the most part getting everything done on time, kids to school, after school activities attended, on time, with uniform and smiling kids – not bad but there’s a little something that’s not quite right.

It’s as if one of my plugs every now and then loses connection and there’s a minor fault in the system.

For instance, I was all prepared to visit a school mum’s house this Friday morning at 10 am to look at Frozen stocking fillers only to discover I’m a week ahead of time. It’s next week!

For instance, I went to the supermarket for my weekend shop and forgot to buy potatoes. How did I do that? Fortunately nextdoor buys a huge sack so my cottage pie got it’s mash after a bag was handed over the garden fence.

Should I worry? Are these ‘senior moments’? Will it be all downhill from now?

Who knows? Maybe it’s a planetary thing and when Neptune gets it’s backside in gear and goes forward (or whatever) I’ll be back to normal but right now I need to chill out. Of course it could be due to the fact I was in sunny Spain last weekend and am reluctantly catching up. My Best Post of The Week is Costa Brava where I pulled all the stops out to try and come up with some great photography, I’d love to know what you think.

Let’s see what the team have been up to, Susanna has been checking out activities on the South Bank and Westminster, and our Kate has been looking into Laughter therapy which is very good for the soul.

Your turn! Add your #MBPW to the Linky below and have yourselves a wonderful weekend

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