Single Parent Round-up: Autumn is Here!

single parent round-upI love this time of year: the children are back at school and we’re all back into a routine; the ground is covered in crunchy leaves and everything is changing colour. It always makes me want to dye my hair, to fit in!

So what have our lovely single parent bloggers been up to since we were last spying on them?

Carla at Random Thoughts of a Twenty Something wrote an interesting post about a normal day with her children – simple but beautiful. This post also gives an interesting insight into how life goes as a coparent: sharing weeks of the school holidays is something I think a lot of us single parents do in order to ensure our children are able to see both parents.

I love this post from Becky at Lakes Single Mum; it has some beautiful photos, and the view from Becky’s kitchen window always makes me so jealous! I also love this post because it seems like a really simple day with her children, – and those ones are usually the best, without bells and whistles and expense and planning!

This post from Claire at Single Parent Pessimist really got to me; to have a child who is poorly in any way is truly terrifying, but to go through that with your child, and have nobody to worry with you – there are no words. I find it’s the times when either you or your child(ren) are ill that make you feel truly lonely as a single parent and my heart really goes out to Claire.

Next up, we have a fabulous post from Slummy Single Mummy. It’s nothing to do with single parenting, and everything to do with nostalgia on my part, I’m afraid. I remember visiting the library and having those little blue envelopes with your name on, the librarian with her big date stamp and the complicated filing system. Going to the library with my nan was the highlight of my week, and this post really makes me realise I need to take my daughter to our local library more often.

Finally, a funny post from Looking for Blue Sky listing the things you shouldn’t do in front of your kids. I only have the one child, but I’m fairly sure she’ll be horribly embarrassed by me in years to come, and I will make all the faux pas listed in this post – and many more besides! Surely as parents, this is our God-given right? After all, our parents did it to us!

That’s it for this month!

Next month’s single parent round-up will be compiled on or around October 23rd, so if you are a single parent blogger and would like to be included in it, please email me ( with your link!

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Vicky is a 35 year old single mother with a cheeky 4 year old. She lives in Wiltshire and works as a freelance writer and trainer in blogging and social media. She has been a single mother since her daughter was 2 weeks old, and started blogging to try and give voice to her feelings of “lost-at-sea-ness” that all mothers get, but that single mothers often don’t have any company in. In her spare time, she usually develops addictions to dvd box sets and sometimes cleans the living room… but not often.

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