Hangout: Helping children’s imagination


Children have strong and creative imaginations, something we want to nurture and encourage — but how to do that? BritMums held the #PlaytheHero Hangout On Air with psychologist Chireal Shallow and 7 parent bloggers and we got slew of tips, advice and inspiration. The hangout was sponsored by Philips Lighting and celebrates the launch of the Spider-Man day and night lights that children can use in their rooms. These lights were designed to inspire your little heroes’ creativity, projecting a world of light around them to make playtime more vivid.

The hangout reveals:

  • How much should I schedule activities during the holidays to encourage imaginative play?
  • If a child plays the same game over and over, should we encourage them to branch out?
  • What are the good imaginative car games?
  • How to get kids of different ages to play imaginatively and cooperatively
  • If kids are worried about something, should we encourage them to play out scenarios?
  • How to play imaginatively with your children while still letting them lead
  • Whether bedtime stories spark bad dreams or nightlights disturb sleep

Connect with our blogger guests on their blog and G+ pages:

Penny Carr, Being Mrs C

Ali Clifford, Kids Chaos

Karin Joyce, Cafe Bebe

Helen Neale, Kiddy Charts

Otilia Stocks, Romanian Mum

Marianne Weekes, Mari’s World

Vicky Winstanley, A Cupcake Mum


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