What baby milestones do people really remember?

#littledishfirsts baby's first time on TVDo you remember your baby’s first year with its heart-warming and sometimes funny firsts? At the #LittleDishFirsts Twitter party, we all shared memories of those special moments, with other blogging mums. There were lovely moments…and some surprises.

The party was sponsored by Little Dish, makers of healthy chilled meals for children from one year plus. These are nutritionally balanced meals for little ones made with 100% natural ingredients and no added salt or sugar, giving kids at least one of their five a day from each meal. As you and your child begin your post-babyhood life together, Little Dish will be there to bring your little one great tastes, interesting textures and balanced nutrition in its ready-in-three-minutes delicious recipes, so you can enjoy meal times together. Little Dish meals are available in the chilled meals aisle in Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and on Ocado.

Discover what came out during our conversation, and what milestones really stuck in people’s heads.

Their First Words: Not what we were expecting

The first clear word my daughter said was football which made my wife and I so proud @ADayinDadsLife

My daughter’s was “Mountain” meaning she wanted to get on my knee. Think it showed her artistic spirit @kateonthinice

My little girl learning the word “Poo” from her big sister, and repeating it constantly whilst giggling cheekily! @MadameWeiss

The Cutest Cuddles

NOM’s first time holding her baby brother #LittleDishFirsts http://t.co/nAB2cAqORS @preschoolmum

First cuddle with Daddy – on my birthday too – first day I saw her was my birthday https://twitter.com/GAarcade/status/486494629345243136/photo/1 @GAArcade

First cuddle with big sis https://twitter.com/MSEDollyp/status/486491549510152194/photo/1 @MSEDollyp

I will never forget this day. 2 sisters meeting for the very first time #LittleDishFirsts http://t.co/RnQCov3MyH @HomemadeHappi

Baby’s Unforgettable Firsts: Bath, tooth and, er, a TV appearance

The first proper smile! https://twitter.com/TheLsMum/status/486488103667122176/photo/1 @TheLsMum

First bath definitely! He HATED it! – he’s a water baby now lol @ChelseaMamma

1st hair cut. I collected a lock to keep @joymummytomany

My partner feeding our little man his first bottle of expressed milk was lovely (and I got a nap too!!) @OHimamummy

My daughter was 9 months before her first tooth cut. I’m sure my son’s were cutting by 6 months. What age were yours? @MummaMelio

First time on TV!!! http://t.co/evHYxFq18o @emmand3

First time in the big cot, hehe didn’t stay the right way round! http://t.co/j3An1hPou2

Baby’s Day Out: Air show, bouncy castle and beyond

Baby L’s first time at soft play. He had no idea what to do. https://twitter.com/TheLsMum/status/486489566170578945/photo/1 @TheLsMum

Scarlett’s first time on the beach last year in Wales http://t.co/Yu6MVIrs2R @GAarcade

First visit to an air show 🙂 #LittleDishFirsts http://t.co/HNrmvMEXcV” aww look! @TiredMummyofTwo

First time on a bouncy castle! http://t.co/Q3ljGHRTaE @Lkash20

First time paddling in the sea #littledishfirsts http://t.co/b8p179Prvv @mummy_madness1

Those once-a-year events

First Halloween! #LittleDishFirsts http://t.co/Bqqhs6firj @VeeJay78

Babies first World Cup #littledishfirsts http://t.co/FfLSJe8MJF @Melanina25

When Gracie met Santa for the first time and I can’t wait for Nancy to meet him this year! #LittleDishFirsts http://t.co/coeZvBVi7T @HomemadeHappi

Get up stand up

Ella started walking at 10 and a half months @cafebebe

My Matilda’s first sitting up #littledishfirsts @Little_Dish http://t.co/eePwfhQAHV @dianestar17

Ivy rolled over for the first time last week she was so proud of herself! @PlayLearnToday

My eldest son’s first steps were RUNNING from me to tantrum on the sofa @Eliza_Do_Lots

Food, glorious food

@BritMums my girls first taste of cake – an epic part of any girls lives!!!! #littledishfirsts @Little_Dish http://t.co/hNifHg2Z3M @Cinderelmo

First meal – Christmas Dinner! https://twitter.com/_SamFlynn/status/486483818505719809/photo/1 @_SamFlynn


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