Spiritual Round-up: Summer solstice & sisterhood

spirituality roundupSo, Saturday was Summer Solstice! It used to be the biggest date in my calendar, with places to go and Yogis to see! Yet since 2011 I find myself every year at The Brewery whereas in the past I would close my 3rd eye, open my heart, don some glad rags and off I would trot.

But boom! This year my two worlds collided.

Everyone at BritMums Live had taken on a divine feminine radiance that I’d not seen before. Egos left at the door on the way in, if they brought them at all.  This same beautiful energy shone from the speakers; I have never seen Susanna and Jen with such a strong projection that radiated throughout the room and likewise with Katy Hill, Emma Freud and Cherry Menlove. 

At registration I met @storyofMum Pippa, and discussed her scheduled 45 minute retreat, Mama-Me-Time. I mentally made a note to attend having no idea that THIS is where I would feel and align with the energy I’d channeled.

@MushroomsMum at Pippa’s request read this poem at the session. It hit the nail on the head, and tears quietly flowed as the love entered the room:

All of this is not something I’d researched prior to the conference, but upon some investigation I was not at all surprised to find this: Goddess Energy is Reawakened at Summer Solstice 2014 – Sisterhood of the Rose. The words that struck a chord were:

The key to liberate the feminine is for women to allow themselves to feel their sexual energy, align it with their heart and express it in their own way.

I think when women embrace this, and make no apology for it, they are a force to be reckoned with. It is a force we must shine out at the world, without any conflicts within our gender.

Although the above link does not take you to a parent blogger it’s amazing who you find once you start waving a flag about something. A brief online conversation with blogger: Amanda at Family Patch saw her drawing my attention to her post: Made To Shine.

At BritMums Live, as delegates, we together created a sacred space. We’ve collectively seen our spirits soar; we’ve bonded, laughed and cried, often with those who know us best. To then go back to our often solitary existence can be lonely. However this time not so lonely, as whilst there we connected with the divine mother be it knowingly or not. Now the task is to keep that connection. Let it shine a light within us, so that it can transform every area of our lives that need changing.

People feeling this connection are already working with it in a positive way. Café Bebe for example since the conference has deleted all old posts that no longer reflect her new radiance. Whatever it is you need to do to transform, or surround yourself with reminders of the transformation already begun – do it! I have seen individuals transform in recent months, like Northern Mum and Baby Baby

Embrace the connection, and see where it takes you.  Often times, this type of transformation is only possible when we go through pain, like the grief of bereavement. Occasionally there are rare times like now, when the universe encourages us to step up, and supports us whilst we do so. The energy now surrounding and supporting us is nurturing, mothering and feminine in nature.

My jumbled feelings on the conference are here, but I am sure we will all gain clarity on what we are feeling if we share openly – on that video I refer to it as divine feminine energy, yet talking to my husband Sunday night I had the good sense to say it felt like Mother energy. I lost that train of thought since then, but thankfully reading this has reminded me of the very essence of what I felt. 

No wonder then, that 700 parents together were able to harness Mother energy. We did good work those 2 days – we made a difference to Mother Earth – let’s continue to do so! As it says there: We are moving into a time of Love, Peace, Joy, Balance and Harmony with the Mother Goddess energy.
This is an introductory post to a monthly spiritual round up.So please make yourself known to me, so that we can all connect, and your posts can be highlighted here.  

Liska blogs about her life with Aaron over at newmumonline.co.uk but her real wish is to develop her altar ego at consciousmum.co.uk – we are living in special times. Spiritual beings having a human experience. Let’s harness it and shine our light so we can be all that we can. Being a Mother can be the start of a new path. Let’s embrace it. Our divine feminine is within us to guide us on our path, wherever it may take us. Enjoy the journey and connect with your higher self. Let’s do it together.



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  1. 30 June 2014 / 09:36

    Thank you kindly for the mention Liska! I was criticised a bit for deleting 400+ posts but I am no longer that person and feel no need to hang onto negative clutter. Good luck on your journey as well!

    Karin x

    • 30 June 2014 / 12:25

      Sadly whenever we do something brave it comes in for a little criticism, BUT I believe it was the right thing to do. How content you felt, is your body’s way of saying YAY!

      It’s never good to surround ourselves in things that don’t reflect who we are anymore. I applaud you for doing it.

      You’re always spot on with making changes when energy is seeking us to, like when we had our sad loss from the blogging community.

      Karin I will continue to be inspired by your transformations. Like that famous quote goes:
      “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.”
      Liska xxx

  2. I love this. It hadn’t escaped my notice that it was Summer Solstice and so many groundbreaking women were gathered together under one roof. It felt significant and thank you for explaining. Really pleased to see a Spiritual Round up and this will give me the momentum to pick up The Healer blog after so long re my concussion. Good luck with it. Keep ’em coming xx

    • 30 June 2014 / 12:27

      Thank you for the lovely comment Anya and for being such a dear and true friend. I can’t wait till you pick up the Healer again. We’re so in tune it will probably mean that I too am picking up Conscious Mum! 🙂