Positioning tips for the perfect webcast

Nigel Camp a video expert and author of blog The Video Effect returns to BritMums to share his expertise on how and where to position your laptop or tablet for an effective webcast

Create an effective webcast with these positioning tips 

With a growing number of laptop and tablet devices capable of capturing video, chances are you have already been on a webcast or may participate on one in the future. With the growing popularity of webcasts there are a few basic set up rules which will make your appearance look much more professional. People make judgments all the time and a few minutes of preparation will make you stand out from the crowd.

OK so where do we start? Below I have highlighted 5 set up points. Follow these tips and you’ll appear like a pro during your webcasts before you know it.

 Position Laptop For Webcast

1. Laptop/Tablet Positioning Tips 

When setting up your laptop or tablet try and position it so you are facing the camera evenly. It may take a few adjustments, but you should aim to keep your appearance level as shown in diagram C.

A. Avoid positioning the laptop or tablet to low. When others view you it will be as if they are looking down on you.

B. Avoid positioning the laptop or tablet to high. When others view you it will appear as if you are looking down on them.

C. Experiment with the positioning of the laptop so you face it evenly. If the desk is to low consider using a few books to elevate your laptop or tablet.

Webcast -laptop-position-with-books


2. Environment – Don’t forget to check your Surroundings

Before your webcast begins carefully scan the environment behind you. This means removing any clutter from the background. There may include family photos in the background or personal material you may want to keep private. Calls can sometimes go on longer than we like so the last thing you want is for your background environment to become an area of interest.

3. Get your Lighting Right

Lighting can make or break a video and the same is true for webcasts. Get the lighting right and you will look much clearer on film. It won’t be the end of the world if your lighting isn’t right, but good lighting is one factor that will make your webcast look much more professional.

Use Two Point Lighting for good Measure

I would recommend a two point light set up as discussed in the following article Two Point Lighting – How To Set Up Basic Online Video Lighting .


If you don’t have adequate lighting try to place your laptop or tablet so the light source faces you as shown in the image below.


4. Use a decent Webcam

These days most modern devices will come with a good webcam. However, if you have an older laptop you may want to consider purchasing a new a high-definition webcam.  You should find plenty to choose from at your local electronics store or online retailer like Amazon.

4. Sound

Nothing is worse than not being able to hear someone on video. Noise coming from another source can be really distracting. If you are using your laptop or tablets built in microphone make sure you choose a quiet room. If there is a pattern or participants on the call asking for you to repeat yourself, you may want to invest in a decent microphone designed for your laptop or tablet.

Follow the tips above and you’ll be surprised how you’ll be perceived over video. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your lighting and play around with your environment. Happy video conferencing. You can find out more video tips by checking out my blog www.thevideoeffect.tv

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nidel campNigel Camp is founder of DevilBoy Productions which specialises in producing videos with animation for  businesses who want a big company experience on an affordable budget. He has released his first book entitled ‘ The Video Effect ‘ which explains how to create quality content with professional advice on production techniques, equipment, storyboarding and content sharing. His blog www.thevideoeffect.tv contains lots of cool video tips. When he’s not working you can find him relaxing on a beach on getting ready for his next snowboard trip. You can follow him @nigelcamp.

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One Response to Positioning tips for the perfect webcast

  1. Rosemarie 10 February 2014 at 16:23 #

    This is really helpful Nigel – particularly about the lighting. I always struggle with getting good sound though. Have you got another tip or two about microphones? You say “invest in a microphone designed for your laptop or tablet” – are there microphones recommended for use with ipads?