Good Reads: Mistakes, divorce and Mars Bar moose

good readsThe weeks are sailing by aren’t they? OK maybe not sailing but certainly chugging along with determination. The whole world has been wrapped in the the New Royal Baby bubble for several weeks and I bet you’d be delighted to have a little distraction, yes?

If so, settle down, shove the children in front on the TV (other forms of child-related entertainment are available but that’s how I roll, and I’ve had my kids off school longer than pretty much every human on the planet or so it seems and get down to some entertaining reading:

More Than Toast tells you how to ‘do’ Divorce.

Kelly Exeter points out the one big mistake every one of us is making

Patch of Puddles considers Body Image. Hers specifically.

Nathaniel Tapley says that  he’d love to work for free: a post for all the bloggers out there.

Life Through the Wrong End of the Telescope- a blog title so good I’m gutted I didn’t think of it- asks could you do it?

4 Kids, 20 Suitcases and a Beagle– aka Kirtsy-  won a short short story competition with a cracking piece!

Fat Mum Slim inspired me to make a Mars Bar Frozen Mousse. It is very, very, very good. It may even be calorie free if eaten standing up. I made that last bit up. She also shared a great New Mom post from the Huffington Post.

Slummy Single Mummy actually won’t miss Primary School that much after all.

And Then All I Thought About Was You has to tell teachers ‘he has a sister and she died’.

More for Bloggers: In a Bun Dance reminds us that PRs are people too.

Daddacool shared Being a Mummy’s post on sheltering our children then himself wrote a blinding post following on from a twitter debate on the Stay-at-Home-Mum. Some of the tweets were very derogatory and it’s a shame that the television personality and her other half felt the need to be so rude.

Cakes Photos Life has a post on the summer event that is Sports Day. If you wrote a post on the topic, join in the linky.

Mummy Barrow and others attended #BlogOnMOSI and her notes on blogging and the law must be read.

BiB Award Winning Life as a Widower wrote the beautifully sad What If?

There’s a brilliant recipe for Strawberry and Pimms jam on Plus 2 Point 4 that will be useful for next year’s teachers gifts.

Role Reboot wrote a letter to her daughter.

There’s a warning to girls that will idolise Daisy Buchanan at the Thought Catalog.

Business Insider shares the best moments in people’s lives

I bet you have phrases that make you want to kill people? Read about it  In the Powder Room.

Confession of a SAHM gives the low down on jumping out of a plane for #MatildaMae.

Capture by Lucy held an incredible Doctor-themed second birthday party and then took fabulous pictures of it.

And finally, if you are still suffering Royal Baby Fever, get over to Domestic Goddesque, who has been making Royal Baby Cookie Pops and Royal Baby Fingerprint Welcome Cards.

Don’t forget: if you see anything worth sharing, tweet @domesticgoddesq with the hashtag #GoodReads. Come back next month for more of the same!

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