Working Parents Round-up: Too many tasks, not enough time

working parents round up blog postsNickie  from Typecast pointed out a survey that was carried out in the last few weeks and reported on in the Daily Telegraph. It discussed how many tasks mums have to perform in the mornings. Apparently, the average is 26 – which in my experience is a little on the light side…. Quite rightly, Nickie also mentioned that the survey should perhaps have had more of a rounded view of what tasks dads and dual parenting families do in the mornings, but I guess these things have to have some sort of focus. Unlike most of my mornings…

The amount of “stuff” we do each day, is something that I also just happened to write about this week, as my day became one of epic-ly manic proportions. Work at home mums, and as I have already mentioned dads, are often told that it must be so nice working from home…well it is, because you manage your time the way you need to. However, that time is still NOT really and truly your own as you have deadlines to meet, children to dress and clients to keep happy. Sometimes this leads to days like mine where you don’t have time to breathe.

Managing our time is often dependent on the childcare we are able to employ, and More than a Mum has written a great summary on managing childcare costs when you are self-employed. This post offers some great tips and what tax we can and can’t claim back for our childcare.

The Secret Life of Kate is trying to save us some time when we go back to work by putting together an excellent breastfeeding checklist for all those working mums out there. I never managed to carry on when I went back to work, but I suspect this is a great set of prompts for those that do.

Going back to work is not an easy decision to make, so do pop over to Bell’s Little Ones to give her a bit of support as she looks to try and make that decision, and make it WORK. She is questioning how it is possible at ALL… ;-).

Something I have always struggled with as a working mum is thinking about myself in the mele of activity before school, which quite often meant I turned up to meetings with clients with that slightly harassed look etched on my face, and rather crumpled clothes. A Working Mum’s Fight for Sanity’s post covering a similar struggle struck a real chord with me. I share her inability to stay “decent” for longer than five minutes regardless of how glamorous I was looking. She seems to have suffered the embarrassment of a fall on the bum outside a wedding reception *been there done that.*

One way of not letting your employer see that you haven’t quite got your working head together, is do employ the conference call in your working life, and Mums Plus Business has written an excellent post on tips to manage them at home. The most important of them is not to try and multi-task, you can get very unstuck if you get asked a question, and you were actually trying to rebook your kids dentist’s appointment at the same time as discuss your client’s requirements *never happened to me – honest*

Whatever we do as a working parent Mediocre Mum is asking whether we make that extra effort to get home to read to our kids every night. Even when I worked full time, this was something that I always did with them, and still do. It’s a vital part of their routine, and helps to get them settled at night. Do you find the time too as a working parent to get that story in before they close their eyes?

Finally, I can’t leave this post within a plea for ideas for the summer holidays to keep those kids entertained while those parents who work from home try and cram five days work into one. Mum in Meltdown has some great thoughts for teenagers, but what about the young uns? Anyone? More than Mummies – thanks very much!

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Helen is the editor of the working parents round up, a freelance writer and owner of personalised children's chart business, KiddyCharts. She was a business analyst, and then a tweed-skirted school librarian as she tried to find work that fitted in with the demands of motherhood. Mummy's Little Stars is where you will find her sometimes funny musings about life as a working parent, and mum to some over exuberant small people. She has only been blogging since January 2012, so go gentle with her; she might break. You can find Helen on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; where she probably hangs out a bit too much.

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One Response to Working Parents Round-up: Too many tasks, not enough time

  1. Jill 22 July 2013 at 15:57 #

    Great round up post, and thank you for the mention, will be taking a look at all the posts as the more advice on how to get by as a working mum the better! 🙂