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MBPWbadge250It’s beginning to feel a lot like *cue scratching vinyl* NO! It is no way near the C word yet, we are months off before we start getting prepared and organised for the most wonderful time of the year, right?

But for some bloggers, including myself, we’ve been to see the products that will be on offer on the Great British high street come autumn time. It certainly is very weird wearing a summer dress and sandals and stepping inside the most beautifully styled Christmas displays. checking out Christmas cards, puddings and cheese. I daren’t mention the chocolates I have tasted on your behalf…

I have seen enough tree decorations, fairy lights and gift ideas to make me want to thrash my credit card now. Thank goodness none of it is on sale yet.

Back to July and guess what we’ve only been predicted a heatwave this weekend; there will barbecues up and down the kingdom being wheeled out by excited dads, paddling pools being filled to keep the kids cool and the mums? Preparing salad? Drinking gin? or lying back and enjoying the warm sunshine?

Maybe all three, whatever it will be enjoy yourselves.

Time for #MBPW and the one I choose from Mari’s World is I have never which is a piece of creative writing I wrote to join in with Sandy from Baby Baby‘s new Linky Write On, the BritMums Live 2013 sessions on writing fired up my desire to get better and this is one great way of giving different methods a go and getting feedback from other participants.

Talking of BritMums Live, here’s my video I made of the weekend it gives an idea of what to expect.

Link your ‘My Best Post of The Week’ below, have a fabulous weekend and if you can please try to visit a couple of other entries too.

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3 Responses to My Best Post of The Week >> Add yours

  1. Sarah MumofThree World 06 July 2013 at 10:45 #

    That Christmas stuff must be very weird! I admit it all makes me a bit uncomfortable. It’s July, the weather is finally warm and I’m going to enjoy the summer and not give the dreaded C word a moment’s thought!

  2. sentwivlove 06 July 2013 at 12:20 #

    Hey, love that I’ve found this site and #MBPW but Christmas already, puurrrrrrlease, lol. Thank you, Lynne xxx


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