Good Reads: School hols, not being perfect and being fat

good readsThe School Holidays have arrived in the house of Domestic Goddessery. I am a little nervous of all those weeks stretching ahead of me when I have nothing but two weeks in sunny Norway planned. The summer holidays, though an awesome and magical time in the life of a child do nothing but fill me with dread and fear. Do you plan every minute, and full their holidays with learning experiences, like some wannabe teacher or do you give up and let them run feral, staying in their pjs all day and eating biscuits in their fort at the bottom of the garden? Is it that black and white? Should I Keep Calm and Eat Cake?

Whilst you muse over that little-life question, or if you are in a similar boat and wish to avoid thought- and the idea of what constitutes good summer-holiday-parenting-etiquette- why not pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of celebratory Pimms- a Brit did win Wimbledon after all- and muse of some of the life-questions in the al-fresco-meal that is the July Good Reads Round Up.

Firstly, there’s An Open Apology to breast cancer

When Your Mother Says She’s Fat from

Denise Salceda tells you why it’s OK not to be perfect, with thanks to 21st Century Housewife for the recommendation.

The Guardian reports on a teenager who started a Feminist Society and the disappointing reaction she got to it.

If you are a blogger this post from Strategies may explain what Pandas and Penguins mean, with thanks to Jane Blackmore for sharing

Award-winning Mummy Barrow writes Being Fat

Why Her Melness has removed Email Subscription

Successful Blogging shares Sponsored Post Rates

Domestic Goddesque explained what BritMums Live taught her about blogging

Toddler Approved has some fizzing science bugs to keep the children busy and learning!

Love Make Create talks about The Voice Final and why people depress her shared via to Crystal Jigsaw
The amazing Matt Haig gives you a bunch of reasons to stay alive

Silicon Republic tells how criminals are using social media to burgle your home! Scary.
Just Breathe has written about her invisible child.
A great post about When Did Food Blogging Become So Hard? From the Foodies 100

A to Z Mummy explains why it’s only a headscarf. Do read this.

Fuss Free Flavours has written an open letter to brands who run recipe competitions

The Gingerbread House made Minions from Kinder Eggs.

My Life My Son My Way wrote an incredible post about parenting her son

Buzzfeed had me howling with a list of Very British Problems. Thanks to Violet Posy for putting this in my sight-line.

A Girl Called Jack tells us why there is no need for a Straight Pride Day

3 Children and It questions the  Brownies dumping God

My Two Mums explains why she is happy for her womb to stay empty.

Being Mrs C has some fairly intense comments on her post about the Bounty Mutiny and people using it as a cover for sniping.

There was a post this week in the Huffington Post about pointing avocados and the stunning Lulastic wrote in reponse about how she can’t help pointing her avocado.

And- in my best Trevor MacDonald voice- finally, The Metro shared the story of the teacher who has worn the same Yearbook outfit for 40 years.


That should keep you going until next month, by which stage we should all be on the countdown to going back to school. Hurrah! And if you see any posts that you think warrant sharing over the summer months, then tweet me the link and I will credit you in the round-up.


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