Dads Round-up: Hot, isn’t it?

dadsThere’s nothing I love more than a summer heatwave. Thing is, I don’t like it so much in summer. Hot innit? I keep wandering around muttering something about the heat, and then simply falling over. Either because it’s too hot and I wilt or because someone has slapped me for talking about how hot it is.

So, what better to do than slap on the Factor 50, have a nice cuppa, a sit down on your sun lounger and a perusal of some beautifully written blogs by dads. Today’s treats are a mix, content wise, but they all have several things in common: they’re all brilliantly written, with real voices and true hearts behind the words. When my blog grows up then I want them to be like these, and so without any further ado I bring you this month’s dads round-up. Happy reading.

Best Dad I Can Be by @BestDadICanBe

Dad Blog UK by @dadblogUK

Estate Agent Dad by @estateagentdad

Hapless Dad by @haplessdadblog

SillyBeardyDaddyMan by @SillyBeardy

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