Working Parents Round-up: Butterflies and bigging up!

working parents round up blog postsBlimey – we are back again – it never ceases to amaze me how quickly this comes back around….it still only feels like last week that I was bemoaning Nick Clegg for not giving us alternatives to the childcare conundrum. And here we are again.

Worrying has been the theme of this month; from my daughter, from me, and from the blogging community as well.

Britmums Live is on next week, and it appears that I am not the only one that gets a little, and sometimes a lot, scared when I have to meet and chat to people that I have only ever “spoken” to online before:

  • What happens if they don’t like me?
  • Will I make a t*t of myself?
  • Are they even going to know who the hell I am and actually care?

I have never been to Britmums before, and I am helping there. Its with a mixture of terror, and excitement that Friday looms ever closer. Before having children, I spoke at and networked in conferences as a market analyst, and they were scary, and something I “had” to do, but never really enjoyed. I am happy to say that I have never come across anything like the wonderful Britmums Butterflies before though, and think they will help to make so many people feel at ease. An inspiring idea, and even business conferences could do with adopting a tweaked version of them – perhaps without the wings….

If Britmums Live is your first blogging conference or you’re feeling a bit out of your depth and in need of a friendly face in a sea of unfamiliar faces. Can I suggest you come find the butterflies

This is Hello, It’s Gemma’s advice in her post last year about being a butterfly, and its very sound advice too.

Our worries can often be tinged with excitement too, and that’s how Five’s a Fellowship feels about her new venture into her freelance writing career. And lots of luck to her – and well done for getting that first client. Excitement at the birth of our little ones, now that is something I remember well, though it was six years ago for me and I am desperate for them to stop growing.

One thing I have always been sure of though is that I have to work to function, and have done so ever since they were born in one form or another.  Boo, Roo and Tigger Too recounts this month an experience she had when someone said to her:

Why have children if you aren’t going to look after them?

Though its never been said directly to me, it has been implied…and so I sympathise completely with this post, and the motivation behind it.  My kids are better for me keeping my hand in, if I didn’t I am not sure I could be the mum I am now.

A moving post this week from The Life and Times of the Working Mum struck a chord with me as she talks about a close friend of hers, Chelsea, who is fighting a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis given at the end of 2012, while bringing up her two children. It’s a timely reminder that the power of friendship can help us through tough times. Going to Britmums might be a challenge for some because of our fears, but it can be an even bigger challenge for others.

In my travels this week, I found a lovely blog set up by a photographer called The Mothers which features new mums, and their views and expectations about being a mother, and how they felt when they first took their little ones home. It’s a really lovely collection of posts about what it means to be a mum. Do check it out, there are over 70 mums on their now. Not surprisingly considering the blog is owned by a photographer, the pictures on there are beautiful and poignant; of the mums with their little ones. Rebecca set up the blog because:

I’d been so shocked at how unprepared I was – my life had changed unrecognisably – and so I wanted to create a forum where women could share their stories and experiences of being mothers without feeling judged

And she is doing a fine job.

I am afraid we can’t finish one of these working parents post without the guilt thang, can we? I just wanted to reassure Chez Mummy that the conversation she had with her little girl was being played out in houses across the country, perhaps tweaked slightly…including in mine. Big hugs to her.

Another lovely blogger needs a bit of reassurance and bigging up too, as she is feeling that she has become a terrible mum, Mum to Baby Insomniac. I can tell you though – her house and time with her kids sounds positively organised compared to mine, so I don’t think she has anything to worry about! 😉 We called the time from 4-5pm, the witching hour in our house, though it tends to be longer for us as my husband gets in much later than 5pm….things do get better as the children get older, I promise. Mainly because I use the TV a bit much *slaps wrist*

But don’t worry Mum to Baby Insomniac, even famous mums like Victoria Beckham don’t quite get it right all the time; Harper fell out of her pram – bless – and Victoria didn’t even manage to catch her *the shame.*

All of us Mums must remember that vital thing – me-time, which can help to make those worries seem less important, at least for a wee while. Not Another Mummy Blog talks about me-time this month, and the lovely Liska at New Mum Online has set up a linky as well – all about having time for YOU. So go on, give yourself some; you can start by taking your mind off the work, with 25 photos you will need to look at to understand from BuzzFeed – these have totally distracted me from my deadlines, and I bet they do you too!

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  1. Liska 14 June 2013 at 20:38 #

    Thanks so much for the mention xx

  2. Fives A Fellowship 19 June 2013 at 09:58 #

    Only just got round to reading this! Thank you very much for the mention. Wonderful round-up as always!