Teen and Tween Round-up: Boundaries and meltdowns

teensSummer might finally be here, but it’s no fun for some of our teens and tweens. May and June is exam time. There’s SATs and the dreaded secondary transfer for our year 6s, something I remember only too well from last year (I’m so glad it’s another two years before I have to go through that worry again).

And for our teenagers there’s A Levels, AS Levels and GCSEs. I feel for them, it’s not an easy time. And I feel for their parents too! Parents live it and breathe it along with their kids – whether or not their kids want them to.

So what have our Britmums teens and tweens  – and their parents – been up to over the last month?

Tas at Notmyyearoff has got a toddler. So what’s she doing on the teen and tween round-up? Because her husband has been protecting their older nieces and nephews from potential internet harm and I for one thought the tips were very useful to share with parents of older children.

I just had to include this poem by Bethany, Jaime’s daughter from The Olivers Madhouse It shows just how much self-awareness and understanding young people have and I found it moving to have a little insight into what is going on in Bethany’s head. And fair play to Jaime, for wanting me to share the other side of Bethany with the world’s biggest meltdown over a black bra. As the mum of a boy of the same age, I’m only too aware of how bad tween tantrums can be.

Another tween girl who has been testing the boundaries is Instinctive Mum’s daughter. Because it turned out there were no boundaries to test! So mum and daughter worked together to come up with some rules and her behaviour improved dramatically. I’ve been really inspired by the simplicity of this.

Sport is so important to tweens and teens and, as a touchline mum, I love to read posts by Touchline Dad. This post on how his son took his own difficult decisions about his footballing career really moved me.

Juggle Mum has been gradually giving her 10 year old daughter a bit more freedom and indpendence in a safe environment. It’s good to work up to this slowly at a rate you can both handle.

Claire at Life, Ninja Killer Cat has a fail-safe way of dealing with tweens and getting them to confess to their sins – just tell them you know stuff and know people who will grass them up and they confess just like that! I’ve noted that one right down!

Over at Mum of Three World I usually bring you posts about my eldest as he sails the tricky path of life in year 7 and early adolescence. But this month I’m sharing a story about my younger son, who is 9. It might seem like a small thing, but it really hit me that my little boy is growing up and making his own choices.

Something momentous has happened over at 3 Children and It – Tween 1 has become The Teen. Suzanne shares a moving post with us about this milestone and her amazing daughter.

Life with my three kids is unpredictable, but Izzie Anderton shares with us a typical untypical day with teenagers – they disappear, they take the car, they leave havoc in their wake… I’m sure other parents of teenagers recognise this all too well.

She’s better known for writing about politics, her toddler and biscuits (!), but Sonya at Rocknrollmum also has a teenage daughter. This month she bravely let her get on a coach and head to London to see a band. It’s scary to watch your baby spread their wings for the first time.

It’s something I’m sure we would all prefer not to think about, but teenagers have sex. And sex can make girls pregnant. And it can spread unwanted diseases. So well done to Suzanne at Chicken Ruby for taking a really responsible attitude and buying condoms for her teenagers I hope I can be as relaxed and responsible when my time comes!

Pink Oddy‘s eldest son has Aspergers. I’m sure we can all relate to teenagers who think the cupboards magically re-stock themselves, but teenagers with Aspergers struggle more with life skills than other teens. That’s why she is taking the time to teach him to shop, plan and prepare meals.

And finally… I will leave you with a laugh (unless you too have teenagers doing exams RIGHT NOW). Mark at Best Dad I Can Be has been learning how to handle his daughter while she does her exams – and it seems he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. So he’s walking on eggshells.

If you’ve blogged about teens or tweens lately, why not add your post to the linky below? It’s a great opportunity to pick up new readers and find some new blogs to read. Otherwise, same time next month for more from the unpredictable world of teens and tweens.

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Sarah is mum to a teenage boy and a tween boy and girl. When it comes to primary school stuff, she's got it sussed. But she's realising that as secondary school and puberty hit, she's still got a lot to learn! Between tweeting, blogging and parenting, Sarah is a freelance PR and copywriter, who still finds time to run long distances and eat a lot of chocolate. It doesn't leave much time for housework.

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4 Responses to Teen and Tween Round-up: Boundaries and meltdowns

  1. Claire toplis 09 June 2013 at 21:28 #

    I shall look at all of these.

  2. Pinkoddy 12 June 2013 at 11:33 #

    Thank you for this fab round up.Yes last GCSE exam is tomorrow – can’t wait – but then the wait for the results ugh!

  3. Sarah MumofThree World 12 June 2013 at 11:49 #

    Thanks very much, ladies, glad you enjoyed the round-up! Good luck for the final exam and look foward to reading about the results, Pink Oddy!

  4. Nadine Hill, Juggle Mum 16 June 2013 at 13:06 #

    Thanks for a great round up!… and for including my vlog!