Politics Round-up: Notable women

politicsAn important date was remembered last week, Keynko wrote her post on the 100th anniversary of the death of Emily Wilding Davison. It is less than a hundred years since woman got the vote, and we owe it to Emily and her suffragette colleagues to ensure we make use of it.  Perhaps she is a fine example of the kind of woman we should be seeing on banknotes.

Nickie at I Am Typecast looks at the fact that with the replacement of Elizabeth Fry there will be no notes celebrating the achievements of a woman. I agree with Nickie that there are many great examples of women who would be suitable for such laudation, and she would like to hear who you would nominate, pop over and let her know.

Staying with women’s issues, Angela Epstein’s appearance on ‘The 10 o’clock Show’ got a couple of you scribbling furiously. Glosswatch questions Epsteins assertion that feminism has ‘spooked’ women out of having children. Sceptical Mum meanwhile wonders why women are reluctant to identify themselves as feminists. 

I am particularly interested in this very issue as at BritMums Live next week you will find me on the panel debating ‘The New Feminism; Reclaim or Rebrand’. Do you consider yourself a feminist?  Do you think Feminism needs a fresh start or a new image? I would love to hear your thoughts both in the comments here and at BritMums Live if you are attending. Should be a fascinating discussion. It is a topic that Victoriananana wrote about too this month, in her post The F Word, she looks at what feminism means to her.

The Pigeon Pair and Me has written a wonderful post looking at how blogging gives women a voice, and believes that home can be the heart of online activism. And VeViVos proves the point by using her blog to highlight a campaign by Women’s Aid to urge the government to teach the importance of healthy relationships in schools.  Sticking with issues of the female kind, LLM Calling takes issue with Jo Swinsons assertion that you shouldn’t call your daughter beautiful.

Elsewhere this month:-

Don’t forget to check out BritMums own Susanna’s visit to Number 10 and she wasn’t the only blogger to go through that famous front door this month as Hayley from Down Side Up went too!

I will end with one I wrote to Ed Miliband asking him to consider being braver and offer something different to voters, and if he is looking for tips, then I direct him towards my respected colleague at Looking For Blue Sky, she has some wonderful ideas in this post laying out her ideas for making the world a better place. She gets my vote!

I’m hoping to meet many of you at BritMums next week do come and say hello and to the rest of you, have a great month and see you in July.

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