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good readsThe countdown is on: less than a week until the event of the year, BritMums Live. I, of course, will be there. So if you are too, stop by and say hello. You won’t have trouble finding me: I’m very loud and I have really nice pink shoes. Plus if I get the chance I will be touching The Kirstie Allsop. Just to make sure she’s the real one, you understand.

If you can’t make it/don’t want to make it/are gutted not to be there and need a distraction, then settle down, .


Mummyneversleeps tells you how to blog. Get on the rollercoaster and you could be at BritMums 2014.

Read- from the New York Post- about parents who will do anything to jump queues at Disney. There are no words rude enough.
Have you heard about the British Family? They need your help.
Bea Magazine tells you what to do when your toddler falls for gender merchandising.

Teacher Tom’s Blog tells the tale of a child who calls for help.
Thanks to Jen Howze for pointing out this article in Psychology Today which discusses why French kids don’t have ADHD. 
Mama Mia asks why do we talk about our kids on Facebook.
Crystal Jigsaw is attacked for being an attention seeker.
Crazy With Twins is having an unimaginably tough time being apart from her children.
Jezebel tells the story of Reddit users re-educating a racist.
Hello Little Wren educates me: how to dip-dye cupcake cases? Yes please!
Ahead of her Race For Life, Mammasaurus hosted some personal stories about experiences with cancer. All heartbreaking in their own way but Sandy at Baby Baby stood out for me. Do read them all though.
The Guardian compares Google Plus to The Matrix.
Prolific crafter and author Red Ted Art shares these epic Monsters Inc Pinatas.
Cullens Blessings writes- distressingly- of the near-death experience of one of her children. Thanks to Merry Raymond for sharing and reminding us how important it is to take care by the water.
Wit Wit Woo has a desperately sad story about racism in school.
Jen Hatmaker went viral with her posts about being the Worst End-of-Year Mom ever. I get this post.

And here’s a website for bookmarking rather than an actual post: How to Afford Christmas. File it away somewhere.


Until next time, my friends.

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One Response to Good Reads June

  1. Jennifer Howze 18 June 2013 at 10:13 #

    Hey Kelly, nice round-up. Thanks for the name check. Fascinating article from Psychology Today. Can’t wait to read all these other posts.