Adoption & Fostering round-up: The Adoption Social, Project Me and more

adoption fosteringI’m writing this month’s round-up with a small boy leaning on my right elbow, watching me type. He can’t read yet so I am not sure what exactly he is finding so fascinating about me writing but at least he can’t spot my spelling mistakes.

It’s been a busy month as usual in the adoption and fostering community.  I feel its only fair to start with the launch of The Adoption Social which is a brand new website aimed at bringing together those involved in adoption through the use of social media.  Founded by Sarah from The Puffin Diaries and Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour it is the new home of WASO (The Weekly Adoption Shout-Out) which you will have seen mentioned here before. Hosting items such as Memory Box, A Problem Shared, Blogless Blogging and of course, WASO, it’s a one-stop shop for all your adoption media and blogs. I blogged myself about the importance of this here and will be following it with interest. You can still find WASO here and also on The Adoption Social which links through to many great adoption and fostering blogs.

Another adoption-related big news story this month was the return of Long Lost Family on our TV screens. For those not familiar it brings together family members who have been separated and many of these stories include adoption. Hosted by Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall it’s a tear-jerker and for adoptive parents has a special kind of meaning to it. Fiona Ferguson has written about it on her blog, asking the interesting question if it is representative of modern adoption .

I received a lovely fostering blog this month called ‘Every Starfish Matters’ which tells the story of Jessie, Esmerelda and Jack-Jack. I love the title of the blog and meaning behind it and you can find some great posts there, including meeting Andy .

The One Hand Man has written a helpful piece this month about what to do if your adoption application is refused. I had a query sent to me this month along these lines also and its useful to have this blogged about for those considering adoption. If you have been refused, then it is worth re-considering your options and where else you can apply.

I found an interesting piece this month on which is a US site. Adoption is quite ‘big’ in the States, in a different way to here in the UK. None the less, this piece is useful about discussing siblings with children. Many adoptive children will have siblings who are placed with others, in short or long-term foster care, independent and adult or who remain in the care of the birth family. It can sometimes be hard to explain the many facets of adoption, fostering and what happens when a birth parent cannot parent a baby but this blog gives a good message that honesty and openness is the way forward.

Another new blog this month from Adoption Journey who is going through the assessment process. I like this blog, it looks really good, some great use of pictures too. Check it out and give some support.

Finally I am ending with 2 pieces from Sally Donovan along the theme of Project Me. I think this applies to every parent or carer but adoptive parents or foster carers or anyone who is dealing with particularly challenging behaviour, take note! You aren’t any use to anyone when you are a mess and to stop yourself disintegrating into a ball of stress and exhaustion, it is ok to sometimes be a bit selfish, put yourself at the front of the queue and say no. Check out ‘Caring for the Carers’ her first piece on this and the follow-up ‘Just say no’ here.

That’s all for another month, so enjoy reading all the blogs mentioned here, including the links through to WASO and The Adoption Social where you can find even more and don’t forget to send me your posts for next month please!


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  1. Jessie 29 June 2013 at 20:10 #

    Really interesting round-up, thank you for linking to us 🙂