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My Two Mums is written by Kirsty and Clara and details their story of having a baby and all that it entails, here they focus on time and how it’s passing by so quickly.

Before Monkey was born we were constantly told how time flies once you have a child. I was slightly aware that time had started to go against the laws of science as soon as I turned 25, so you can imagine my concern in realising that time was about to start flashing by at an increasing rate.

As soon as we got our cute little miracle home safely from the hospital, I found myself agreeing with everyone. Time seemed to move at an unbelievable speed. Now that Monkey is 9 months, I’ve suddenly realised why time seems to move so fast.

Even though we wish to hold our babies in our arms in an eternal state, safe and cocooned from the world, we also love to see them try new things and experience new sights and sounds. So in theory, we speed time up ourselves.

Each day we talk about new things our little man has learnt to do, a family member comments on how tall he’s got or a Skype call starts with “Wow he’s looking so grown up”. As much as we try and see the baby in our boy, everyone’s already trying to figure out the man he will become.


As family gathers, talk turns to starting school, saving for uni or buying a first car. I’ve even been asked what we have planned for when Monkey moves out. It seems to be a popular obsession many people enjoy discussing. Those who once warned me to cherish the moments, are those who are making me realise how fleeting time is.

In the last month our little man learnt to walk, said his first words and moved from smooth purée food to eating the same food as us. He may be moving fast in some areas, but he’s still our baby boy who enjoys a bedtime bottle and cuddle or giggles at our silly nursery rhymes.

my two mumsKirsty and Clara are authors of My Two Mums, a blog about their adventures with their son who they refer to lovingly as Monkey. They live in a small town in Dorset and enjoy the countryside after moving from London 3 years ago. They are on twitter as @mytwomums and Facebook Kirsty enjoys photography whilst Clara has a degree in theatre. Check out their photos over on Instagram mytwomums
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