Teen and Tween Round-up: Letting go and laughing

teensWelcome to the second Britmums teen and tween round-up. Did you know that teens and tweens are just people? I know, hard to believe sometimes when you’re living with them. They’re just stuck between childhood and adulthood. One minute they’re pulling away and being all indpendent (and perhaps just a little bit grumpy), the next they just want a hug and to be your baby again.

They’re not as cute as babies and toddlers. They might even be bigger than you, but they’re still your babies and always will be. A theme that crops up in more than one post this month.

Our job as parents is to be there for them when they need us and to gently steer them in the right direction. Without nagging. Or looking embarrassing, obviously. (Unless we choose to of course – we have to have some fun too!) If we do a good job, our teens and tweens will grow up into adults we are proud to call our sons and daughters. After years of meltdowns or silence, they will come out the other side and we will still love them and they will still love us. And we will have done a good job as parents.

So who’s been doing a good job this month? Who has been struggling a bit with the changes in their kids? And who has just been quietly poking fun at them?

Jodie at A Quirky Kook is going for the poking fun angle as she gives us a photographic guide of tween looks  and what they mean. And, no, we’re not talking fashion. Seriously, those looks could kill.

There’s another killer look at The Olivers Madhouse. Fair play to Jaime for standing her ground and refusing to argue when faced with a tween meltdown It’s good to know that refusing to fight back really works.

Touchline Dad is one of my favourite bloggers, because he’s the only one I know (apart from myself!) who writes about life watching your kids play sport. He shares his pride as his eldest son takes a particularly special hat-trick

Kate on Thin Ice’s son is 12 and he’s changing – spending more time alone or with friends and getting irritated with his siblings. Kate is wondering how she will support him through the next stage of growing up. I know exactly where she is coming from!

It’s all too easy for kids of this age to spend their time shut away in their bedrooms tied to a computer screen. I’m a great believer in the importance of hobbies, sport, fresh air and friends. Hopefully good habits at this age will last a lifetime. So I’m sharing with you my son and his best friend’s epic adventure to Snowdon at MumofThree World. They had the time of their lives.

Over at 3childrenandit, Suzanne’s daughter is about to make the transition from tween to teen and Suzanne shares her thoughts on gradually letting go and letting our kids grow up. (Even though we don’t really want them to!)

Mum of five Mama Owl is celebrating the time she has left to be together with her teen and tweens She’s noticed a real change in them in recent months and wants to make the most of family time before they decide they want to do their own thing. I admire her decision to ignore minor bad behaviour in the interests of family harmony.

As bloggers, we all struggle a bit with how much we should reveal about our kids in what we write. This is a much bigger issue for tweens and teens than it is for younger children. Over at Chicken Ruby, Suzanne’s youngest son, who is 14, has said enough is enough – he doesn’t want her writing about him any more. That’s tough for bloggers, but if that happens we have to respect our kids’ wishes.

Stressy Mummy is another parent letting go. Her eldest is heading for 18 and university in the next year. She is torn between wanting to letting him spread his wings and wanting to keep her 6ft ‘baby’ at home forever 

Single Parents on Holiday shares her top five tips for bonding with your teen and improving your relationship. I think these tips would work just as well with my 11 year old son and I will certainly be giving them a go!

I look forward to Best Dad I Can Be’s posts every week. They are always so funny. Although I know they are what my family will be like a few years from now and I probably won’t be laughing then. This month he’s sharing the tale of a dog-eaten sandwich

Izzie at The World According to Izzie has learned a lot from her teens Whether it’s revision, music or playing on the Wii, her teens are helping her stay young.

Teenagers eat a lot, don’t talk and slouch a lot. That’s a stereotype, right? Ellen at In a bun dance is here to confirm it’s all true – and no, we don’t think it will happen to ours!

13 and unlucky for some parents is a blog I hadn’t come across before and another one written by a dad. He finds trying a bit of banter with his teenage daughter fails miserably, because of course she is so much cleverer than him Aren’t they always?!

And that’s about it for this month. If you’ve been writing about tweens or teens lately, why not add your post to the linky below? It would be great if you could join in next month too. Same time, same place.

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Sarah is mum to a teenage boy and a tween boy and girl. When it comes to primary school stuff, she's got it sussed. But she's realising that as secondary school and puberty hit, she's still got a lot to learn! Between tweeting, blogging and parenting, Sarah is a freelance PR and copywriter, who still finds time to run long distances and eat a lot of chocolate. It doesn't leave much time for housework.

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  1. Suzanne 07 May 2013 at 15:00 #

    Thanks for including my post 🙂 Have started working my way through the others….great to find some newbies 🙂

  2. Sarah MumofThree World 09 May 2013 at 10:39 #

    It’s a pleasure as always! There are some new ones there, hope you enjoy them!