Reviews Round-up: In need of good sleep?

reviewI am sure that we all are so glad spring has finally arrived, and the last few days have been just amazing. This again reminds me how easily I get influenced by the weather. Are you the same? Apparently, as we had a very long winter, we should be looking forward to a really nice, hot summer. Let’s see!

Last few months have been very hard for me, as have been training for the swimathon 2013 and have been trying to raise money for Marie Curie Charity. I took this challenge to help me get through the most difficult part of my life as my dad is terminally ill. I know he has only a few months, maybe only weeks left, and when I managed to swim 5km last Saturday, I was very proud of myself. I wanted to do it for him, and I did! I still need more lovely people who can spare a few pounds and show me support by donating. Thank you in advance!

I have found out that I am not the only one who likes ironing. Mari also shares this passion, and has been showing off her new iron, which by the way looks very cool. Our iron needs to be replaced soon, so I am seriously thinking about getting one of these myself.

My girls are very lucky as they often get new Orchard games to test and review. We love them, and I wasn’t surprised when I came across Susan K Mann’s review, who also thinks that their games are not only loads of fun, but also educational and should be in every household.

I was glad to hear that Learner Mother has fewer headaches thanks to discovering the amazing Oxotots screwdriver. I have to say, we have had it for a few years now, and I bought it as all the reviews on it were positive. They have to be as it is the best screwdriver for tiny screws you can imagine!

If you are after some bright coloured fashionable clothes for little ones, then you need to check out some of Crumby Mummy’s photos. She has introduced me to a new clothes brand, Polarn O. Pyret, but some of you might have heard of it before. I have to say the colours are lovely, and she also mentions they didn’t fade out after a few washes, which is very often the problem with bright coloured clothes.

You might have seen my review of the My First Cinderella ballet a few weeks ago. Isabelle was astonished and me too. Nova also went to see this fantastic show, and enjoyed it. She also suggested that it might be more suitable for younger children than her 10 year old daughter.

Many parents might have the same problem when trying to block out sunlight when their baby is in the buggy or car seat. The solution is here. Have you heard of Kurtis Baby Peace Pram Curtain? I did, and it was one of my first reviews years ago. Little Rascal reviews also thinks it is a great product, a must have for parents whose children still sleep in their pushchairs!

The next review is for the Lord of the Rings trilogy lovers, the Hobbit movie. It is worth mentioning it wasn’t written by the author of the blog, but her son. I hope one day my girls will be writing some reviews for my blog too.

I couldn’t resist sharing the next review as it’s title included one of my most favourite activities, sleep, which unfortunately I never get enough. Anyway, if you have back problems like Gammon & Chips, getting a Dormeo Octaspring Evolution Memory Pillow might solve your problem. It is rather expensive, who can spend £90 on a pillow? On the other hand, what wouldn’t you do for a good nights’ sleep?

Today I am going to finish with a lovely review of Gulliver’s World Hotel and Gulliver’s Splash Zone, Warrington. A very thorough review that can be appreciated by many parents as with more sunny weekends ahead we need to start thinking more and more about days out. We took Isabelle to Gulliver’s park in Milton Keynes years ago, and cannot wait to take Olivia soon too.

I hope you have enjoyed this Britmums Reviews Round-up, and if you would like me to read your review and maybe mention it in the next one, why don’t you add your link below, email me or tweet me at @Kahanka.

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  1. Susan Mann 07 May 2013 at 14:27 #

    Thank you for including me, we love Orchard Toys x

  2. Charlotte 07 May 2013 at 15:13 #

    Thanks for including my review! x

  3. Cherished By Me 08 May 2013 at 11:46 #

    Thanks for including my post Mirka. xx