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MBPWHave you put your BiB votes in?

You’d better hurry as the whole place shuts down at midnight 12th May alla Cinderella and no more voting can be made. Go here now and vote your favourites

See, I’ve made it easy for you.

This week I have had the pleasure of introducing you to some of the Fresh Voices as they sent me a blog post to place on the BritMums blog, a bag of allsorts each one interesting and each one different showing the fabulous variety existing in our community, make sure you read them, you can find them all on our Magazine page.

Now, I got muddled up when it came to weeks leading up to end of voting and the announcement of the Finalists and I divided them into four weeks of showcasing four categories but of course that didn’t take into consideration that voting closes this weekend and announcements are made on the 22nd which would have given me time but you’ll have all made your votes by then.

Confused? I should have divided them into three weeks.

What to do? Can’t have everyone shouting at me all weekend because I want to relax and chill out a bit. Sooooo here’s what I thought, I’ll showcase the remaining 8 categories this weekend so they all get a mention before shut down tomorrow night. OK?

You know if I hadn’t mentioned it it would have gone unnoticed but my luck in these things doesn’t usually run like that so best own up now.

The Family category is one of the most popular amongst parent bloggers, I think you can guess why so the final 16 deserve a huge round of applause and here they are.


3 Children and It
A Strong Coffee
Chelsea Mamma
Dad Etc.
Free Our Kids
Honest Mum
Letters to Elliot
Mother’s Always Right
Mum in the South
Mummy Daddy & Me
Richmond Mummy
Stressy Mummy
Thirty Mummy
Vintage Folly

Style is an area that I love to read, these bloggers come up time and time again with inspiring ideas for all sorts of style, be it fashion, home or just having style.


Attic 24
Claire Justine
Does my bum look 40 in this?
Faith Hope and Charity Shopping
Fashion Detective
Fashionmommy’s Blog
I Am Into This
Love Chic Living
Maggie Stone
Medicated Follower of Fashion
Miss Budget Beauty
Perfectly Happy Mum
School Gate Style
The Baby Wears Prada
Transatlantic Blonde
Vintage Folly

We all need to laugh every now and then and these bloggers are the one who get us chuckling and bring the smiles to our faces, I thank them all for that.


Actually Mummy
Best Dad I Can Be
Gifts from Pirates
Goodbye Pert Breasts
Mama Bear With Me
Ministry of Mum
Mother Venting
Mothering Fright’s
Mum in the South
Mummy’s Little Monkey
Northern Mum
Not a Notting Hill Mum
Random Rantings of a Tattooed Mummy
That Spencer Bloke
The Kraken Wakes
Write Like No One’s Watching

Have you seen what these bloggers can do? They are so clever in my book and often looking through their work I am inspired to copy them or use their ideas in my way, so very, very clever all of them


Capture by Lucy
City Girl gone Coastal
Crafts on Sea
Flossie Teacakes
Here Come The Girls
Jennifer’s Little World
Me and My Shadow
My Little 3 and Me
Playful Learners
Rainy Day Mum
Raising Playful Tots
Red Ted Art
The Gingerbread House
The Imagination Tree
The Making Home
Vintage Folly

Another hugely popular area amongst our community is the Lifestyle and here are some gorgeous and interesting blogs.


Babes About Town
Coombe Mill
Crafts on Sea
Family Affairs and Other Matters
Margot Tries The Good Life
More Than Toast
Mother Wife Me
Mother’s Always Right
Mum in The South
Mummy Daddy Me
Older Mum in a Muddle
Tired Mummy of Two
The Purple Pumpkin Blog
The Secret Life of an Unknown Housewife
The Syders
What Sam Saw Today

The clever people out there. Innovate, those who had an idea, a vision or are super geeks, those that set the standards for all of us and nudge us all gently to get our derrieres into gear.


A Child Like You
A Modern Military Mother
Alexander Residence
Domestic Goddesque
Family Adventure Project
Family in Spain
Her Melness Speaks
Kiddy Charts
Little Mummy
Mummy vs Daddy
Playing by the book
Science Sparks
The Double Parent
Verily Victoria Vocalises

Those who stand up and speak out, those who aren’t afraid of the comments they may receive but believe in something. Those who want to shout out and raise awareness of all sorts of situations facing families up and down our country. These bloggers need a massive thank you for believing so passionately.


Autism Mumma
Dorky Mum
Downs Side Up
Frugal Queen
Just Bring the Chocolate
LLM Calling
Mummy from the Heart
My Make Do and Mend Year
Our Life with Leukaemia
Rites for Girls
Rubbish Diet
Team Honk
Thinly Spread
Why Is Her So Stroppy?

And then we come to the Gods of blogging. Each blogger is here as they have proven to be outstanding forces over the past year, each for their own reasons. These are the blogs to bookmark, the ones to listen to and learn from and may the best blog win.


A Mummy Too
Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?
Belgian Waffle
Best Dad I Can Be
Dorky Mum
Downs Side Up
English Can Cook
Hello Wall
Her Melness Speaks
Knackered Mother’s Wine Club
Lavender and Lovage
Metropolitan Mum
Red Ted Art
Ren Behan
Thinly Spread

And after all that awesomeness I bring you right back down to earth with my #MBPW, nothing special, nothing ground breaking but I did get my camcorder out again and I did concentrate on my family which sometimes gets pushed to one side in preference of a review. I give you my best post of last week and it’s part of a competition to win a family activity holiday so any tweets (nudge, nudge) would be very much appreciated.

I love you guys

Have a brilliant week and add your best post from the past week below.

Mari x

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4 Responses to My Best Post of The Week << Add yours

  1. 3 Children and It 11 May 2013 at 16:40 #

    Yay, I’m so proud and very excited to be a part of the amazing group of Family blogs in the final 16. Good luck to one and all x

  2. I really enjoy linking up to this and then coming back throughout the week to find some new bloggers and have a good read. 🙂

  3. Lyndsey 12 May 2013 at 13:18 #

    So many fab blogs I have just sat and read! good luck everyone xxx

  4. Mummy Macaroni 12 May 2013 at 20:55 #

    For someone quite new to the mummy blogosphere, this has to be one of the best sites for finding new blogs to read, there’s just not enough time to read through them all!