Style Round-up : Break out that spring wardrobe

dress style 610Spring is here! Several weeks late but let’s not dwell on that. I’m more than happy to get a few more weeks in my ankle boots without having to worry about tan and pedicures! But there’s been a real spring-like feel on the style blogs lately which has cheered me up no end! Bright colours, peep-toes, bare arms – I bring them all to you on today’s Style Round-up!

First up, Beth over at Style Guile with her bare arms and some bare ankle too! I thought she was the first of my favourite bloggers to get her arms out but then I spotted this post from Fiona over at the Avenue 57 Blog – pretty much a week’s worth of bare arms on her and what I loved about this post (and about so much of what Fiona does) is the extent to which she really works that wardrobe. We are all guilty of having lots of older things in the back of the wardrobe but Fiona is brilliant for digging hers out and re-wearing.

Avenue 57

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Sue from Susie So So blog before? One of my most favourite reads as Sue has such a engaging and witty writing style. She’s been getting her ankles out also and wearing a spring-like blouse from Jack Wills (which I now covet) along with her new WOC. Don’t know what a WOC is? You’ll find out on this link!

Susie So So

It’s spring, but we still need a great jacket and I’m known for my unhealthy jacket addiction year round! No surprise then that I enjoyed this post from Hollie over at Mummy Wife & Chaos, featuring some lovely picks from the high street. That’s the spring shopping list a little longer for me then.

Mummy Wife Chaos

There are a handful of blogs out there that as soon as I am notified of a new post, I stop everything to check it out. One such blog is What I Bought Today. Anneli works in Fashion PR and there is not much from her blog that I don’t wish I owned. Click through to read her post about essential spring footwear – her new metallic pumps – with caution. You will be hooked also.

I’ll leave you with a my final spring wardrobe post from ‘One Chic Mom’, Iva, who is based in Canada and is finally celebrating the slow start of spring. Iva’s post this week gives some brilliant advice on how to purge your wardrobe for the new season. I’ll be following some of those tips when I haul down my own spring summer clothes from the top of the wardrobe.

Oh and the wedge trainers I mentioned on my last Style Round-up? Still haven’t bought them…still can’t make up my mind. Maybe I’ll just enjoy spring summer and think about them again in September? Dither, dither….

See you next month!

Avril x


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One Response to Style Round-up : Break out that spring wardrobe

  1. Fiona 17 April 2013 at 09:42 #

    Avril, great style round up

    Now .. which wedge trainers would you think about getting *if* and *when* you buy them? I’m being turned into liking them which has shocked me! I’m not sure I’m ready for the £100+ price tag of the Ash though?