Politics Round-Up Special: Baroness Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher and familyThis is a special edition of the politics round-up to recognise the impact made by Baroness Thatcher on so many. Love her or loathe her, it is hard to deny the mark left on society by Margaret Thatcher, as divisive in death as she was in life, her death set many of you furiously scribbling your thoughts.

The following includes posts from those who admired her, and those who did not. It includes posts decrying the lack of politeness her death was greeted by in some quarters, and posts defending the right to speak openly and honestly about a public figure. Should we gloss over the bad because someone has died, or paint an honest picture made up from a myriad of views? I personally think that both Mrs T and her family were fully aware of the strong emotions she garnered and would not have been surprised to hear negative voices mixed in with the positive. For me the line is crossed if you stoop to vitriolic name calling as opposed to reasoned argument. Keep your language dignified, and respect the right of others to have an opposing view.

One of my favourite things about many of these posts is the nostalgia her passing has evoked. Whatever your thoughts on the former Prime Minister, it seems for those of us of a certain age, she was a huge part of the wallpaper of our growing up, and as such many of these posts are filled with personal memories of younger years. There are some truly great posts here, read them all, or pick a few to get a flavour of what Baroness Thatcher meant to people.

You’re Not From Round Here was one of the first to post a eulogy following the news of Baroness Thatcher’s death.

The Pigeon Pair and Me wrote a rather romantic post about sharing history with your partner.

Kate on Thin Ice looks at the impact Baroness Thatcher had on her and reflects on growing up with Thatcher as Prime Minister.

Did you know that Spencer at Dad And Proud once called her Mum?! A great personal story.

The 1970s Diet starts off on a nice walk in Crystal Palace Park, before her rant takes over by the end of the post!

Daddacool discusses the reactions to her death on social media. Are we too quick to take offence and should we be offended by honest views?

Victoriananana shares her reasons for feeling that Margaret Thatcher was NOT a feminist, plus she has some excellent quotes….

Babberblog disagrees that he was too young when she was in power to have a proper opinion.

Verily, Victoria Vocalises writes her tribute to a woman who is one of her personal role models.

Faded Seaside Mama examines how her views of Mrs Thatcher changed over time, and the lessons learnt.

Mummy Barrow rants about the how the country behaved in the wake of Baroness Thatcher’s death.

The Kraken Wakes takes umbrage at the sexism displayed in the discussion of Thatcher, by both the pro and anti brigade.

Glosswatch in a similar vein discusses keeping sexism out of our criticism.

The Princess Poet’s Life Adventures is upset by people rejoicing another’s passing.

A Slice of Lemon’s Cake reflects on the misery of the 1980s and spitting image puppets .

Woman with baby was inspired to believe that women could achieve anything because one was running the country.

Mum In The Mad House writes beautifully of the highs and lows of a 1980s childhood.

6 Kids Plus Me looks at the lessons her children can learn from Margaret Thatcher.

@organicangel_ tweeted me her thoughts for posterity:-

“I grew up with MT as prime minister and have been inspired by her strength in the face of adversity. I believe in entrepreneurial spirit and being responsible for yourself. As a woman who has faced adversity and downright hatred for ending my marriage, it’s made me realise that sexism is alive and well. Many hate MT just for being a woman. A strong, successful woman.”


I will end, rather selfishly (although many would say selfishness is one of her legacies!), on a trio of posts dear to me, not least because I wrote one of them. They are tied together by a single man, Billy Bragg. For many of us who were left-wing teenagers in the Thatcher years, he managed to put into beautiful poetry what we could barely stutter.

The Adequate Parent  looks at the protest music inspired by the Thatcher era.

The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock’n’Roll Mum – (or simply ME!) reminisces about her teen years on protest marches.

Looking For Blue Sky on how Billy Bragg got her through the Thatcher years.

Lastly, I raise a glass to you, Margaret Thatcher, not in celebration, nor in commiseration, but in recognition of the passing a strong and influential character who will be long remembered.

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3 Responses to Politics Round-Up Special: Baroness Thatcher

  1. Sonya Cisco 16 April 2013 at 12:43 #

    NO!! I forgot to add this one, and it’s a right good ‘un too!

  2. Chelseamamma 17 April 2013 at 07:35 #

    I submitted mine too late!! http://www.chelseamamma.co.uk/2013/04/the-thatcher-years.html

  3. Looking for Blue Sky 17 April 2013 at 18:36 #

    Thanks so much for including my post – I’ve started to read through the others, and I totally agree: it’s a real nostalgia-fest and it’s fascinating to find out that we all remember the 1980s in different ways 🙂