Charity Round-up: Babies and children focus

gerbera daisies 610There are thousands of charities in the United Kingdom working at local, regional and national levels. This month, I have decided to focus on charities that work in the field of babies and children.

Did you see Nicola and her husband Ian on ITV This Morning talking about the loss of their son Alexander?  They were very brave and very articulate as they spoke of their loss, the impact on their family and the work of the Lullaby Trust. If you would like to support them or have ever wondered if Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are nice in real life, check out this post.

We move on from one amazing mum to another in the shape of Renata who tells us why Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day is so important. Before becoming a blogger, I had no idea that some children have debilitating conditions that go without a name. Renata writes a personal and eye-opening post.

Do you have online friends? How do you respond when they hit a crisis? Lucy wrote a moving poem for her friend who had lost baby Jack Joseph. She then went on to fundraise for Addenbrookes at her friend Lisa’s request. It is one of those stories where the phrase from little acorns mighty oaks grow applies so do check out the story here.

Helen uses the medium of fiction to get a strong and magical message across about how we can reach out to help others. It’s a lovely tale and you will be missing out if you don’t take a few minutes out to read it. Can you be a grey rabbit and reach out a paw to a brown rabbit? You will be the lesser for not doing so.

The posts highlighted make me think how important it is to make and cherish our memories. They also involve learning and I liked this post from a Dad who tells us how his daughter made him think leading to him being charitable when the plight of someone less fortunate saddened her.

The SliverCross Pramathon is a great event you could take part in to make some memories. You would also be supporting the Genesis Research Trust established by Professor Robert Winston. Miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth are just some of the conditions they are doing vital research into. Find out about the fun day on offer in this post.

If you want to help a good cause, you can do it very close to home too. I love this example of children baking and hosting an Easter tea party to raise money for Miles for Smiles that sends sick, disabled and disadvantaged children on the trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris.

It is London Marathon season and you have to admire anyone who takes on such a challenge especially when they raise money for a charity in the process. Kylie highlights her colleague at Bliss the baby charity who is doing not one but three fundraising marathons this month.

the lullaby trust

Let’s return to the Lullaby Trust. Treat yourself to reading lots of lovely lullaby-inspired posts that celebrate the rebranding of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths as the Lullaby Trust. You can find them on the wonderful Jennie’s blog who as many of us know recently lost her beloved Matilda Mae. She is making a positive difference in the world and you can too by taking time out to find out more and perhaps contributing a post of your own.

There are three posts highlighted here about the Lullaby Trust (formerly the Foundation for the Study into Infant Deaths). I have done this as although Sudden Infant Death Sydrome is rare, it affects real families and real bloggers and the people who care about them. Every parent has lived with the fear of the syndrome so let’s do what we can to spread the word about the newly-named Lullaby Trust.

What all these posts share for me are the making of memories and the highlighting of legacies. They also feature parents who really don’t realise quite how marvelous they are so let’s do all we can to tell them.

Don’t forget BritMums has a Charity Connection group for anyone who would like to consider using their blog to help good causes

You are welcome to link up any posts about good causes below.

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    Thanks so much for including my post about the Easter tea party raising money for Miles of Smiles 🙂