Politics Round-up: Women rock and is pink a dirty word?

political rally 610It was International Women’s Day last Friday and lots of bloggers wrote posts in celebration of all things womanly. The ever lovely Lulastic hosted a link up which is brimming with inspiring posts, and her own letter to her great grand-daughter is both heart-warming and hopeful for the future of women. And the following also utilised a similar theme by writing fabulous letters to their daughters; Keynko, Mums The Word, and Victoriananana who looks at how her recent interest in International Women’s Day is due to being the mother of a daughter. Looking for Blue Sky takes a different stance, feeling that it is parenthood itself that brings about the worst of the inequalities and that until the role of mother is fully respected by society she finds International Women’s Day meaningless. And My Mummy Life looks at the respect her role as stay-at-home mum gets, even in her own house!

My daughter returned from school on International Women’s Day and said ‘Urgh, we had a talk on Feminism today.’ Cue horror from me at her despondent tone. Turns out she thinks feminism is uncool and boring. However on further conversation she was soon telling me, with a degree of outrage, the facts about inequality that she had learnt in said talk. I quickly had her realising the arguments she was making made her a feminist. For some reason the title ‘feminist’ has lost its positive associations somewhat of late. Recently Kate Takes 5 posted a light-hearted look at raising daughters, including referencing the fact that little girls love pink. She was inundated with some fairly nasty comments from people acting under the banner of ‘feminism’ which she responds to wonderfully in this follow-up post here. I too was inspired by the rage her innocent and humorous piece provoked, threatening to only wear Grey for fear of causing offence. Meanwhile Mummy Barrow had this to say about why she can’t call herself a feminist. What do you think? How can we make feminism more inclusive so we can work together to bring about change rather than arguing about the small stuff with each other?

Away from specifically female issues, here are the others topics that got your political goats eloquently chewing the cud this month:-

And finally I would like to leave you with a post Down Side Up added to last months linky, it is so wonderfully written about an emotive subject that I wanted to include it here. She was asked to speak in a multi party Parliamentary Inquiry into Abortion on the Grounds of Disability, and I think she did an incredible job, please take a look.

Apologies to anyone missed out, we have had that nasty bug in the house and am somewhat bleary, when will the government outlaw vomiting I ask you?!? Please add your posts below.

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3 Responses to Politics Round-up: Women rock and is pink a dirty word?

  1. alison houghton-corfield 14 March 2013 at 18:25 #

    How dare these vile insecure ignorant female specimens call someone’s Daughter a stupid twit.
    I am a feminist and equal to men but I am also feminine and love good old fashioned chivalry. When people attack things its almost always due to ignorance and their own deep seated insecurities.
    I grew up with boys so I had to play football cricket rugby and be able to fight just like the boys or else they wouldn’t have wanted to have me as a close friend and that I did.
    In my opinion these critics are obviously not happy or comfortable with their world as they feel to humiliate and bully another human being is the correct response. They are an embarrassment to real feminists and I can’t abide women like this. I would love to spend time in a room with them in my pink dress and shoes I could buy and sell them 10 times over as I know how to get my point across without being rude and aggressive. They probably have the most miserable daughters in the world who are frightened to have a different opinoin to their mothers.
    These women want to get grip instead of pretending they are something they are obviously not. Feminists don’t attack other women.

  2. Liska (@NewMumOnline) 18 March 2013 at 14:33 #

    Thank you so much for linking through to my post xx

  3. Victoria Naudi 23 March 2013 at 14:42 #

    Whoops, bit slow to this but thank you for including my blog. I wondered why I had had such a surge in views! Mwah! X