Laugh Out Loud Round-up: Love is in the air

LOL roundupLove is in the air. 

February: the month of romance and St Valentine. Ok, the month of not being able to go out without seeing shiny red hearts everywhere : whether they be balloons, chocolates or satin cushions.  And the month of being persuaded at every turn to swop your cash for a cute little teddy or some chocolates wrapped in pink shiny foil.  As I like to live dangerously I’ve asked around for romantic posts this month. Now I know we are all by definition parent bloggers and so can have no room for romance in our lives. Nevertheless the silence has been deafening. Undeterred, I have stuck with my theme and cast my net a little wider than usual and brought in some bloggers who like nothing more than writing about first dates and sex – some of which I’ve sadly had to exclude due to the very precise nature of their recollections.

Enough of sex – for now and thank goodness for Stay at Home Dad,  who as usual does not mince his words with his spot on post why valentines day sucks the sweat from a dead tramp’s balls.

 In desperation to up the count of Valentine themed posts I have found this which I wrote a couple of years ago on why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s any more – it involves a rabbit – the large cuddly kind – and a moonie type experience in a restaurant. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences – though perhaps not with the rabbit.
And on the theme of hearts – here’s a very simple offering from Funny Blog for anyone who is not vegetarian!

Moving away from Valentine’s Day and onto funny love stories this one made me laugh. The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach but this may be the way to a woman’s!

This one is from the blog snippets of my life – but the writer admits it was but originally from someone in the audience of the Jay Leno show – it is truly hilarious and I’ve never heard anything like it – but then I’ve never lived anywhere that cold. This you have to read.

Tales from the Dateside has many possible offerings on things that can happen when you are dating, those were the days!  But here’s what can happen when your date comes home for coffee.

This on the other hand could happen anywhere to anyone at any time, but not you hope on a date with the man of your dreams. Oh yes it can. Anna from Hahasforhoohas has this story.Emma at Mommy has a headache kindly offered an alternative view to romance with her beginners guide to stalking – I suppose it’s a continuation of the theme of sorts.
What more can I say – a whole year stretches before us in which to think up some romantic gestures for February 2014 – for goodness sake don’t try anything before then!
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