How can you support Red Nose Day 2013?

red nose dayFriday 15th March is Red Nose Day 2013 (#RND) and it’s all about Do Something Funny for Money. The money raised enables Comic Relief to help change the lives of poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people both in the UK and Africa.

There are loads of ways you can play a vital role in the run-up to Red Nose Day and on the 15th itself. You can find a fundraising idea that appeals to you from the list below. As a social media influencer, just by blogging, tweeting, pinning etc you raise the profile of this very worthy cause.

Here’s a great way to get involved right now: Have you written about Red Nose Day, about the bloggers on #TeamHonk who went to Ghana, or about the Mount Snowden climb this past weekend? Have you pinned pictures of yourself or your kids in red noses? Whatever it is, help amplify the message! Write a blog post (short or long, mainly pictures or just words) and add the URL to our Red Nose Day Linky. We want to know how you get involved and why it’s important to you.

Here are just a few ways you can raise money and awareness for Red Nose Day 2013:


If you are on Twitter, get involved in the #twittermillion campaign that sees celebrities inviting you to join their teams and raise £50 in a bid to raise the first ever #twittermillion. You can pay the money yourself or get folks to sponsor you accumulate the £50. You’ll be joining in with celebrities like Kirstie Alsopp, Sarah Millican, Rufus Hound and many more.


Hold a cake sale, get people to guess the amount of sweets in a jar or go all “Come Dine with Me”. You can go down the baking route with a special Comic Relief Bake Off kit from legend Mary Berry including one of her favourite recipes, tips for raising the most amount of money, bunting to spruce up your space and a poster to use for the event.

In the workplace

Have a dress-down day, with colleagues making a donation for the privilege of ditching the normal dress code. Take part in a challenge as an office team – great for morale-building and fabulous for fundraising.


Karaoke, quiz nights or speed-dating? Bring folks together, have fun and with everyone making a donation, you know you are contributing to help those most in need.

Sell something 

Spring is a great time to declutter. Sell your unwanted goods at a car boot sale or on eBay. Alternatively, do you have skills you could ask people to pay for, from car washing, pampering treatments to cake decorating?  

Get sponsored

Come up with a sponsored event that will capture people’s imagination. How about spending a whole day dressed in ’80s fashions? Take inspiration from Jessie J and change your look radically (#JessieJDares). If you fancy some peace and quiet, encourage your family to do a sponsored silence like the guys from One Direction.

Play games

Charge friends to come to a games console or board games tournament. Hold a tug of war. If you are involved in sport, challenge a rival team to a charity match.

This is the 25th year of Red Nose Day — let’s make it the best ever.

You can also download the fundraising kit here:

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