Education Round-up; Putting the heart into education…

education child's pencil and paper…plus a little cookery, grammar and financial learning thrown in for good measure!

Welcome to the March Education Roundup, which features posts on an array of education related topics. I am kicking off with a fabulous and thought provoking post from The Breakfast Lady on the recent news about cookery classes being re-introduced into schools and the proposal for schools to be able to ban school lunches. Take a read and see if you agree with her points of view – I certainly do.

And talking of lessons that are being introduced into schools, Laura at Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy has blogged about financial education being introduced into senior schools. Laura has some ideas about how to ensure you can start educating your children about finance when they are still young.

Onto a subject I find almost as delicious as reading about good food… grammar. It does seem that grammar rules aren’t given nearly as much importance as they once were. Sarah at Mum of Three World is doing her bit to put this right.

And I’m following on with a lovely post from a fairly new blogger over at Teacher Mummy, it’s about her return to work after maternity leave and certainly gave me a little insight into a day in the life of a teacher.

Now for a quick word from Julia at The Head’s Office about The 100 Word Challenge. It’s a weekly writing challenge for children and its popularity is growing fast, which means there’s a plethora of words to be read and comments from the likes of us about these words and how they’ve been put together go along way to building the confidence and keeping up the motivation of the children taking part. So go forth and comment today!

BMH is worried that her bright son isn’t being encouraged to do his best at school, you can read why in her post The C-Grader Factory. What are your thoughts on how schools in general support and nurture children and embrace parents’ efforts to do the same?

On a similar note, I am ending this month’s Roundup with a post from Ross Mountney on the importance of happiness in education. I think we can all relate to the idea that learning is so much easier when we are enjoying what we are doing and are in a warm and nurturing environment. Ross also talks about the importance of understanding that education doesn’t start and stop at the school gates.


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One Response to Education Round-up; Putting the heart into education…

  1. Ross Mountney 26 March 2013 at 16:50 #

    Thank you so much for the inclusion Luci. Happiness in education is so vital and a subject so close to my heart so I’m really chuffed you’ve chosen to spread the word around. Thanks you. x