Beauty Round-up: A fresh start?

beauty roundup 610 sliderI woke up today and realised, with something resembling surprise, that it’s already the 14th March.  In a very confusing time-travel manner it will actually be the 15th March when you read this, meaning that we have, in a manner of sorts, time-travelled to communicate with each other.  It’s a HUGE pity that I can’t time travel back a couple of weeks, because I am, quite frankly, not ready for it to be the 14th March.

Why?  Well, for a start, one of the lessons from primary school that did actually randomly stay put in my brain, was that apparently Spring officially starts on the 14th March.  Whether it’s stuck correctly is another matter, and I’m sure plenty of you will delight in telling me I’ve been remembering that incorrectly for years.

Spring?  Yes, I did mention Spring.  For all UK readers you will be acutely aware that Mother Nature is blatantly ignoring any seasonal timetable this year and is still throwing snow, rain and sub-zero temperatures at us.

It’s a time of change, and for me has always been a time of planning, of starting afresh, of breathing in Spring air and thinking, “Right, let’s get cracking”.

My blog, Yummy Mummy? Really? is undergoing a re-birth at the moment too, so apologies if things move around a bit over the next week or so.  I am planning a bit of a re-launch.  We’ll see how that goes.

As for beauty, since that’s what we’re here for, right? Well, there’s some crackers out there this month and I’ve collected a few here for you.

Talking of fresh starts; our very own Marianne, editor at Britmums, has tied the knot.  She shares some tips and asks; Bridal make-up –  how should it be?  If you are planning a summer wedding, get your tips here.

Carolin at “Mummy Alarm” reviews a gorgeous collection: MeMeMe Cosmetics Naturally Nude Set.  The competition has now closed, sorry folks, but the make-up looks well worth a try.  It’s on my ever growing list.

“Angels and Urchins” have reviewed a new book called; The MILF diet.  I suspect I don’t need to explain what MILF stands for, and before reading the review the title of the book COMPLETELY put me off.  But, apparently it’s well worth a look if you are looking to improve your diet generally in that quest for yumminess.

At “Mummy’s Space” it’s all about the MaterniCare Pre and Post Natal nourishing cream.  If I was planning to get pregnant again I’d give it a try.

“Multi-Layer Mummy” has been testing out Dermalogica.  Well worth a look if you are looking to treat your skin in preparation for the (fingers crossed) hot summer.

And finally, it’s over to “Sussex Mummy” for 5 natural beauty tips.  There isn’t anything here you shouldn’t already know, but won’t you all be saying “Oh yes, I really should do that” when you read them!

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  1. Carolin 16 March 2013 at 01:42 #

    Thanks for including my review. Glad you liked it x