A child like me; an online story for children

A Child Like YouRebecca English has always been passionate about writing since she was a child, her blog Here Come the Girls is very popular and covers her busy family life but then Rebecca had a fabulous idea to keep children amused and to keep her creative ideas flowing; she started writing an online story A Child Like You and here she tells us all about it.

I have been blogging for about eighteen months and I love my blog Here Come the Girls. The thing is, at the back of my mind I keep thinking that while I love writing about my girls and the activities we get up to what I really want to do is write fiction. My mum has pages and pages of my writing, dating back to when I was a child – it’s always been a passion. I remember at Junior School the secretary typed up all our stories – I thought then how wonderful it would be to write stories for a living. As I started to get more into blogging the idea of an online story for children began to take hold. I thought perhaps I could combine the two things.

After putting it off for ages I decided to just go for it. even if I get one person reading that’s more than I would get with it just sitting gathering dust in my cupboard. Also the twins will be starting preschool in September and I will be thinking about returning to work – I will never have this time again when I can’t get out the house and have all this creative energy that needs letting out. It’s sort of now or never!

So at the start of the month my online story for children, A Child Like You, launched. It is an adventure story aimed at children aged around ten and eleven, so upper Junior age.

A Child Like You is the story of Jessica Chance, a girl who is constantly being told who she is and what she can and can’t do. Jessica, much to her shame, lives with a housebound incredibly neurotic Gran and doesn’t know anything about her parents. One day she discovers a mysterious postcard from her mum and, with a little bit of magic, sets out to discover the truth about her past.


I think the best part about this being an online story is that children can pick it up and read it a little at a time, in between texting and looking at pictures of cats saying “I wuv you” on Youtube. We all have short attention spans these days – I never get round to devouring a whole novel as I did when I was younger and children are the same. A story online is accessible, they can sign up for email updates, or even have the app on your their ipad. There is also room for other genres, a blog format is more like a magazine than a novel. I have plans for art and crafts activities and recipes to go along with the story – bringing it to life! There is even space for children to send in their own stories or art work to be featured.

Oh and I almost forgot the best thing about it: IT’S FREE

Chapter one

So if you have children aged around ten or eleven then follow on Facebook, or read the first instalment, Chapter 1a The Hunt. Here is a sneaky preview:

It was a bad idea. I knew it as soon as I turned into the alley. There was nothing down there – nowhere to hide except for an old skip full of empty cardboard boxes from Supersave.

I should have kept running.

I looked around the corner, then pulled back quickly before I was seen. I could hear their whoops and shrieks as they rounded the kerb and picked up my scent. I peeped round again. It was too late to keep running. If I tried to make a move they were sure to catch me.

There was only one thing for it. I pulled myself up the side of the skip, my feet scrambling about trying to find a foot hold.

Rebecca EnglishRebecca English blogs at Here come the girls about my life with three girls: a five year old and two year old twins. The plan was to have two children but she didn’t notice the BOGOF offer on babies that week. So she’s surrounded by a growing sea of pink plastic, no longer able to afford to go to work as a teacher and completely outnumbered.

The blog is full of crafts, cooking and chaos. ‘I love to think of fun things to do with the children and to write about them, whether they work or not. Teaching writing was always my favourite thing in the classroom, and now I write about teaching. A nice symmetry there.’ Find her on twitter @1978rebecca and don’t worry about your spelling – I won’t be marking your tweets, not out loud anyway.

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5 Responses to A child like me; an online story for children

  1. The Beesley Buzz 04 March 2013 at 17:30 #

    absolutely love this concept and this idea and as we homeschool the boys it is going to be a great resource to use to inspire them and encourage creativity. In fact, i think we will take a look at the story as tomorrow homeschool session. they already follow one blog style adventure to learn about geography so this will be an amazing addition for creativity, reading, literacy etc. x

    • Rebecca 05 March 2013 at 13:44 #

      Oh wow – that’s great! I’d love to know how it goes and email me anything creative you do as I would love to feature it on the site!

  2. Babes about Town 04 March 2013 at 21:46 #

    What a lovely idea and the passage you included does sound intriguing. I love how you’ve combined your writing dream and your blogging experience to create something unique for kids. Best of luck with the project x

    • Rebecca 05 March 2013 at 13:43 #

      Thank you – it’s just finding the time to do both now!

  3. Rebecca 05 March 2013 at 13:43 #

    Thanks for featuring my new blog! So lovely to get your support!