Working Parents Round-up: Dropping balls and dilemmas!

working parents round up blog postsThere has been a lot of adjusting going on this month; or not, as the case may be…I have been adjusting to being back in the swing of things after being out of action due to my health. The kids have been adjusting to mummy being around again instead of daddy. This has made for some interesting times, not least me having to get used to their infernal bickering…please tell me it not just me that gets driven round the bend by this?

Molly from Mothers Always Right guested on KiddyCharts this month about how being a working mum is different from being a working dad; and we certainly have found this in the period I have been out of action. Both kids struggled to adjust to having daddy around more, and then struggled when he went away again…

I think I need to take a leaf out of The House of Three Monkeys book; who seems to have settled in to her new job with aplomb. Over on Working Mums United, Laura ran a series of posts from working mums looking at our working week. Well worth dipping into methinks; the look at each day for a working mum does make it seem like we are not alone in our constant struggles to get things right…

Something that hits home most when our children are “broken”, as happened to Emma and Three this month when her daughter broke her ankle….not to mention that she has also had to deal with her other daughter in Spica recently it never rains…no wonder she is only just holding on by her fingernails…

Or when we have to try and manage the childcare when we are working, and they are on holidays. Mum or Three has a massive leave dilemma to deal with as she just doesn’t have enough hours to deal with this…

Writings, Ramblings and Reviews needs some advice on whether to apply for a new job – pop on over and help her! She is sure she has become too comfortable in her current role, and can’t face the possibility of rejection…what would you do?

Its not all dropping balls and dilemma’s for working mums this month though, Johnson’s Babies has a wonderfully positive post this month about what works for her job, and looking around for other things has made her realise that its not all bad after all. Something that perhaps we all need to do from time to time. Sometimes its worth remembering…


Of course, its never really that simple, is it?

Tax for example, that never makes ME happy; I had to adjust to doing a tax return as a self-employed person for the first year ever *runs away screaming*

I wasn’t the only one with tax on their mind this month either, but then Knees Up Mother Brown is actually an accountant, so it would be worrying if tax wasn’t important to her, as well as her kids!

Come join in with us – send me your posts, and next month it could be you 🙂

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