Beauty Round-up: More moisturiser anyone?

beauty roundup blog postsIt’s still snowing and I’m fed up with it now.

Why do I care about the weather?  It’s doing horrendous things to my skin.  My lips are mimicking the Grand Canyon in texture, my hands are soaking up hand cream like sponges soak up water and my cheeks are pink from having the heating on too long.  My only consolation is that I found a gorgeous winter coat to keep me protected from the elements.

I would rather the weather chose one season and stuck to it.  My daffodils were trying to find the sun last week.  I can quite image their very British conversations:  Daffodil one – “It was warming up last week so I packed away the hats and scarves in the loft you know”.  Daffodil two – “Me too.  Ridiculous isn’t it.  The weather has no consideration. ”

So I turn to the blogosphere to round-up some of this month’s best moisturising product reviews.

Skin care and the body

Luci, over at has been testing out the Seascape Island Apothecary skincare range.  Not only do the products sound divine for wannabe yummy mummies everywhere, there is also a Les Petits range suitable for babies and toddlers.  Our very own Marianne at Mari’s World has also been testing out the Seascape handcream and lip balm, among others, too.

It’s Flour Mills Bath Products that get the blogger test by Cheryl over at Madhouse Family reviews.  Body scrubs, oil and soaps are tested and all get the thumbs up.

Kerry Marie share’s her favourite winter body products over at Lived with Love.  I want them all!

Sarah at Mum of 3 World is currently testing a product that claims to work wonders on acne and eczema as well as it’s having anti-ageing properties.  Will it prove to be her Acne Solution?

Glam Rosie has discovered a great “lush smelling nail oil” for dry nails (I’ve added it to my wish list)

The UK’s leading fair-trade body care company (apparently) are the Visionary Soap company and Lindy Loves gives us the low down in her review of their bath melts and soaps.

And what about the hair?

When I’m not reading about, trying out, or buying moisturising products at this time of year, I am trying to make my hair resemble something other than a mop.  Thankfully Liz at The Mum Blog has been kind enough to share some hair tips for busy mums straight out of the mouth of The Errol Douglas Salon‘s Creative Stylist Karis O’Brien.

Have you got any tips for keeping skin moisturised at this time of year?  Please feel free to share them, either via comments below, by linking up your posts, or by tracking me down on my blog or Twitter.

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3 Responses to Beauty Round-up: More moisturiser anyone?

  1. Faye and Lou 15 February 2013 at 08:50 #

    Coconut oil is fantastic for your skin, hair and cooking. I have been putting in my hair once a week over night and it is lovely and shiny but it dosen’t make it greasy.

  2. Jennifer Howze 15 February 2013 at 10:43 #

    At last! Some suggestions that might help get rid of my scaly hands and lips.

    • louise 15 February 2013 at 21:12 #

      Glad to be of service! Best thing for the lips is vaseline I find. And for hands, have you tried (don’t laugh) sudocreme? Very effective.