Video: How to teach your children about money

Most parents agree: They want their children to have a good understanding of money and how to save and spend it – sometimes better than parents have had themselves.

On Thurs 13 December BritMums bloggers from  Slummy Single MummyKiddy Charts, and Rosie Scribble hung out with clinical child psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey to get advice and trade experiences on how to teach children about money – how they can learn to value it and develop responsible money habits for the future.

The Hangout was sponsored by PKTMNY, a new website that provides a unique way for parents and children to manage and learn about money together. PKTMNY lets parents dispense pocket money online and is a great way for children to save and manage their pocket money. BritMums has worked with PKTMNY and bloggers to test the new site and give feedback.

Watch the Hangout to learn:

  • what other parents pay their children
  • what to do when your child wants to blow their money on, er, tat
  • why teaching spending is as important as saving



See more Hangouts and videos on the BritMumsTV YouTube channel. Our latest videos:


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