How to become a #ONEMum against poverty

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On Saturday October 6 BritMums co-founder Jennifer Howze, who also blogs at, and Michelle Pannell, who blogs at Mummy from the Heart, went to Ethiopia with to see first-hand the difference that international aid from countries such as the USA and UK is making to those in Ethiopia. They learned about the roles that young people, governments, schools and businesses are playing in Africa’s development.

They’re back now and both will continue to write about their experiences and ONE. You can find Jen’s posts here and Michelle’s posts here.

ONE is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Backed by more than 3 million members, they work with government leaders to support proven, cost-effective solutions to save lives and help build sustainable futures. ONE isn’t a charity or grant-making organisation. At ONE, we don’t ask for your money. We ask for your voice. (ONE’s biggest financial supporter is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.)

You can fight extreme poverty by adding your voice – your blog’s power – to the conversation. Here’s how:

  1. Have a good search of the ONE website and learn about their rich history. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and here is loads of links to good and easy to digest information.
  2. Blog about ONE to raise awareness and promote their latest campaign, see HERE.
  3. Add your link to the BritMums #ONEMums Linky below to help raise awareness about ONE and encourage people to sign up.
  4. Blog about the journey Mich and Jen are taking and share some of their posts that way. See HERE for all the posts tagged Ethiopia on Mich’s blog and HERE and HERE for the ones on the BritMums blog.
  5. Write a blog to contribute to the ONE blog, this could give you exposure to a whole new audience!
  6. Tweet or RT any posts to do with the journey and ONE. Use the hashtags #ONEMums and #ONEMoms (we’re using both tags to reach the Community Partners in the US too).
  7. Facebook/ Google + share any posts or use your status to raise awareness, encourage people to sign up.
  8. Pin any posts that have the #ONEMums and #ONEMoms hashtags.
  9. Talk to your family and friends about what you are doing.
  10. Use the email template HERE to send a message to your contacts.
  11. Place a widget in your sidebar so people can directly sign up to ONE, or display a banner/ badge (various sizes/ available)

Join us today and add your link below to help fight extreme poverty!

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One Response to How to become a #ONEMum against poverty

  1. michelle twin mum 17 October 2012 at 22:21 #

    I can not begin to express just how important it is that we in the developed world help to pressure our govenments to do their bit for those countries in need. Mich x