Make money from blogging? Think outside the box

STC Banner 01I’ve followed with interest the development and desire for some mum bloggers to make money from their blogging efforts. It is probably most of our dreams to be able to make a living just from blogging, especially for us mums who need or want the flexibility it could bring into our lives.

I’d like to suggest you all think outside of the box.

The reality is, whilst some money can be made, compared to the effort you make it is more than likely that you will make less than the minimum wage.  Surely you are worth more than that?

Instead of thinking “How can I make money from my blog?”

Why not think, “How can I start a small online business that can pay myself and potentially others in the long run.”

Making money from a blog is really a microbusiness. A blog is a website, so why not create a website that is planning for the future?

The problem with blogs is that they are personal and usually not valued highly by those with the purse strings.  However, if you create a website, with a longer term plan of developing it into something bigger then you have more chance of succeeding at making a living from it at some point, probably not straightaway though.

So, I could use my personal example.

Around 5 years ago I started an online community, a fun side project that I didn’t think it would turn into much.  I invested my time and energy into this community and always gave it priority over my personal blog.  The result now is that over the past couple of years I started focusing on it as a business and has started to generate a decent income.  It now has a publication with paid subscribers and advertisers. Paid advertising and marketing services for the community. And we also do training and events.

You can visit the website if this is of interest – (it’s somewhat geeky!)

It’s still early days, but it’s getting there. And I have the flexibility to work around my 3 demanding boys! If I had done this as a blog, it would not have grown into what it is today.

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About Rosie Sherry

Rosie Sherry is mother to three boys and is based in Cambridge. These days she can be mostly found working on her somewhat startup style geeky business - The Software Testing Club. However, she is also well known for being a software tester, a social media geek, creating local coworking spaces and being an entrepreneur.

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7 Responses to Make money from blogging? Think outside the box

  1. I think you always have to think outside the box if you’re going to be self employed. My business / blog ard both very fledgling but I find they feed off each other. At the moment they give me a great deal of satisfaction, and hopefully at some point they’ll start to generate enough money to justify at least a little of the time I spend on them!

  2. Peggy 31 May 2012 at 14:59 #

    Hi Rosie

    It’s very refreshing to get a different perspective on this topic that constantly buzzes around the blog circuit, while we all try to work out the magic formula of how to make money blogging! I have a blog that started out about living on a narrowboat with kids but now is partly about my life and partly sponsored posts from narrowboating businesses and charities. I have just set up a community group on Facebook for parents on boats. Would love to know how or where you technically started or hosted your community. How does one start small with something like that?


    • Rosie 01 June 2012 at 11:26 #

      Hi Peggy,

      Technically with communities, I’d always say start with the most simple thing and build upon it.

      A community can be built from a blog, an email group, Twitter, Facebook, a hosted social network (like Ning that Britmums uses), a custom social network…etc. The options are endless!

      Most things start with a seed, like you have done with your blog and Facebook group. You need to figure out how to grow it. You don’t need fancy tools, the key is engaging with people and figuring out what they actually want. Sounds easy, but it actually requires ongoing effort and experimentation.

      The ones that succeed, are those that persist and evolve.

      I always worry about building a community on Facebook, their rules change so much it can be unpredictable and easy for them to kill the community in an instance. It doesn’t mean that Facebook can’t be used as an effective marketing tool though.

      • Peggy 01 June 2012 at 14:19 #

        Thanks Rosie, this is really helpful. We thought we’d start small with Facebook as so many people are on it. (I am doing this project with another Boat-Mum.) But you’re right that Facebook is not the best place: our group was inaccessable for a few hours yesterday!

  3. Dan Adlington 28 June 2012 at 17:46 #

    Great post. I started to build an internet business last year which turned into a struggle. I decided to start a blog and talk about my experiences. I have been so broke this year I was forced to live off tin food and stop by the parents place for a decent meal twice a week. The great thing is I started getting visits from people who read my story and subscribed to my list. From there I was able to make sales with my list.

    The lesson from this is people seem to love real stories. If I hadn’t of begun posting my experiences I wouldn’t be were I am now.

    I hope this helps


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