BritMums Blog Prompts: Dream photos and PR Wishes

I’m baaaaccckkkkk! Well, I’m back with BritMums Blog Prompts that is! Did you miss me? No? Oh. Darn. Well, you’ll have to put up with me a teeny bit while I give you a bit of inspiration for the week ahead. I know I’m in need of it!

When thinking about blog prompts for this week, I thought I would reach out to the blogging and Twitter community for some genius ideas. After all, you’re full of them! I asked the Great Twitter Massive to suggest a personal prompt for the BritMums Blog Prompt in exhange for a bit of link credit. There were some wonderful suggestions but I chose a prompt from Menai Newbould who blogs at Menai’s Posterous. Menai moved to Chennai, India hoping to spend some lovely time with her husband and daughter and see a bit of the world whilst on a career break. Here’s Menai’s Personal Prompt suggestion for this week:

Personal Prompt: What is the picture you wish you would have taken but didn’t. It could be of a moment in time, of an individual who is/was important to you, a place, a thing…anything really but something you missed at the time. Use your powers of description here. Paint this picture in our minds… Thank you Menai!

And to keep your creative juices flowing, we’ve got a blogging prompt for you as well:

Blogging Prompt: We had some great conversations this week, in our Twitter stream, about PR’s. There is a constant “issue” in the blogging world with how PR’s interact with bloggers. There are wonderful PR’s and wonderful approaches. Then there are some not so wonderful PR’s and not so wonderful approaches. One of the keys to building a strong relationship with PR’s is making sure they know what YOU expect from them. Hopefully you’ve changed/improved your About Page to reflect the you of today as we helped you with a few weeks ago. This week, your blogging prompt is to give the blogosphere, and hopefully the PR’s in it your PR Wish List. How do you wish for PR’s to work with you? How can they get it right?

So there we have it! Some pretty decent inspiration for the week ahead? We hope so! Now all you have to do is write up your post with your own individual flair and voice, publish it and pop back over to link it up on the Linky below. Simples! Have a wonderful week and JUST KEEP BLOGGING!

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  1. Susanna
    29 January 2012 / 11:04

    So glad to have you back m’dear…

  2. 29 January 2012 / 15:43

    Nice to see you back! I missed u been scouring the site to find the prompts. Hope to be able to use them over the coming weeks on my new blog. Am actually wondering whether when I get my site fully functioning if I need to split my blog up – personal and business, will have to see how I roll over the next few weeks. Thanks again, Karin.

  3. admin
    29 January 2012 / 17:39

    Menai’s my little sis! Go girl!

    • 02 February 2012 / 09:50

      Thank you! I’m trying (retweeting often!) to help especially with this one!

  4. 06 February 2012 / 09:39

    Glad of a bit of inspiration today 🙂 as usual done my linky not quite rigtht and put blog name not post title!!! One day I get it right 🙂

  5. 14 February 2012 / 22:55

    I loved this blog prompt because I knew exactly what to write about and it took me back to a lovely sunny day at the new forest whilst writing it so what more could a girl want. I love your blog prompts they really help me to write a post.