Reflections on the riots

The riots that swept London and parts of the Midlands and the North seem to have stopped now, but  as politicians, commentators and pretty much everybody else debates the what, why and who – as well as the punishments for those caught – our bloggers have been particilarly reflective. 

Not A Notting Hill Mum  has taken a step back and considered the place in history that London riots have carved, and in doing so has written a fabulously thought-provoking post about the 1958 Notting Hill race riots. 


It starts with fascist graffiti,  a West Indian cafe being trashed in Shepherd’s bush, a black man being beaten up by a gang at Ladbroke Grove tube station. Shop windows are smashed. A few days later a gang attack two houses owned by West Indians. They fight back. A white man is stabbed.

Trouble erupts in Nottingham at the same time – a thousand people gather many armed with razors, knives, bricks and bottles. A man’s throat is slit. Two others are stabbed.

This happened more than 50 years ago in  the race riots of  the Summer of 1958.Politicians and the media wondered where trouble would flare next – they predicted Moss Side, Brixton and Handsworth.

But it was to be Notting Hill. 

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