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Blogger of the Week It’s time to shake off the “Cyberlag” that many of us are feeling and get back to reality! Right? Right! What better way than to get back to our weekly routine of highlighting bloggers who are shaking up the Blogosphere? We love highlighting bloggers who are making us sit up and take notice.

The BritMums Blogger of the Week has been making us sit up and take notice for some time now, actually. She’s a prolific blogger who is beloved by all as she’s a truly genuine and lovely person both in the flesh and on the internet. Her positive attitude, smiling disposition and generosity are second to none. She was a live-blogger extraordinaire this past weekend at CyberMummy and can always be counted on to support events going on in the blogging community. Who is she? None other than…

Pippa at A Mother’s Ramblings! Barely a day goes by without another wonderful post from Pippa where she shares some of her family fun secrets or reviews of the latest and greatest products. I’d like to spend the summer holiday enrolled in the “A Mother’s Ramblings” summer camp! There’s always something fun going on at their house!

You most definitely want to add Pippa (@PippaD) to your Twitter list as well. She always has something entertaining to say AND is extremely helpful in reminding the whole of the UK to get off of their laptops to pick up their children for the school run! What would we do without you Pippa? And of course, Pippa was a speaker in the crowdsourced keynote with A Blog Post without a Point.

Carrying on from #CyberMummy11, I’d like to remind you of the wonderfully brave and entertaining bloggers who read their amazing posts in the Crowdsourced Keynotes on Saturday. These bloggers are worth adding to your reading rota most definitely.

Thank you to these brave bloggers who stood up in front of an audience of 400+ to share their private words. The links above lead to their posts which were read on Saturday. Spend some time perusing the rest of their blogs while you’re at it.

Have a great weekend! See you next week.



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Karin Joyce is the creator of Embrace Happy, an inspirational and motivational website where the focus is on celebrating the good in our lives every day. The Embrace Happy tagline is: Not every day is good but there is good in every day.

Before starting Embrace Happy, Karin was one of the “old school” bloggers from the early days of what was then British Mummy Bloggers with her parenting blog Cafe Bebe. In between school runs, blogging and being a wife to Mark and Mum to Ella (6 1/2) and Sam (3), Karin also works as a freelance social media manager and consultant.


  1. 30 June 2011 / 09:43

    Well done Pippa….and I thought I was your biggest fan. You are a bloomin’ genius girl ;0) xxx

  2. 30 June 2011 / 14:06

    You go girl!