Q: When and where is the conference?
A: 19-20 June, 2015 at The Brewery, Moorgate, London. Register now! The doors open at 2 on Friday, and we should be finished by about 6 pm on Saturday. Check out the schedule.

Q: How many people will be there?
A: We expect 700 attendees this year, making it the UK’s largest, buzziest blogging event!

Q: Do I need to sign up for sessions in advance?
For most of the sessions, you pick on the day and just turn up. There will be a few you need to sign up for in advance; we will announced these on the BritMums blog and email ticket holders about these sessions along with instructions on how to sign up.

Q: Will there be childcare?
A: No. Babes in arms are very welcome and we’re arranging a space for breastfeeding (and expressing!). Unfortunately we’re not able to cater for older children.

Q: Is there Internet access?
A: The venue has reliable Wifi, and is included in your ticket price.

Q: Is there anywhere to leave my bags?
A: The venue has a coat check where you can leave bag. Please note you leave at your on risk.

Q: Do I need to be a parent to attend?
A: Absolutely not! While parenting is a shared experience of many of the blogger delegates, our content is relevant to all bloggers. But book early if you want to attend, we sell out every year.

Q: I work for a PR agency/Brand. Can I attend too?
A: Absolutely! BritMums Live is the best place for PR and Brands to meet influential parent bloggers and social influencers. You will need to purchase the Brand/PR Delegate Ticket (yes, even if you have a personal blog!) and you will need to adhere to the same guidelines as do Sponsored Bloggers — read the full list here to make sure you don’t fall afoul. The Brand/PR rate is intended for brands, agencies and other corporate individuals. We will refund any individuals with those qualifications that purchase a blogger ticket. Please note that PRs/Brands are under the same restrictions as a sponsored blogger, i.e. you cannot bring/leave/distribute any branded materials with you to the conference.


Q: Can I get a sponsor for BritMums Live?
A: Yes! You can get a company to sponsor you for BritMums Live. You might want to lock-in the low early price while it is still available, and search for a sponsor later. Please keep in mind that all sponsored relationships are between you – the blogger – and your sponsor. Companies that sponsor bloggers are not necessarily official sponsors of BritMums Live. The only official sponsors of BritMums Live are those that have stands at the show. For more information on how to sponsor BritMums Live, please email info@britmums.com.

Q: Do I need to have a sponsor?
A: No. We subsidize the conference fees and keep them very low so that the price is affordable. It’s not necessary to have a sponsor, and you may enjoy the event more without one. However, we recognize that going to a weekend conference is a big investment and many like to have sponsors to help with costs. Both are acceptable, and it’s your choice.

Q: What am I allowed to do as a sponsored blogger?
A: Read the Getting Sponsored & Guidelines page for the full explanation, but in general as a sponsored blogger you can:

  • Be the “blogger on the ground” at the event for your sponsor;
  • Promote your sponsor on your own blog with a blog post, competition, review, or an advertisement. Your blog is your space, be creative!
  • Provide content, such as a post or article, for your sponsor’s blog and website;
  • Tweet about the sponsor, before and during the event;
  • Wear branded clothing at the event (there is a limit to this. Branded T-shirts, badges are fine, but a HUGE branded chicken costume is not. Plus it’s hard to hold a cup of coffee with those wings);
  • Bring branded business cards (have your tried Moo cards yet? They are very affordable and cute).

There are also things that you can’t do as a sponsored blogger.

Q: What am I not allowed to do as a sponsored blogger?
A: First thing: Read the Getting Sponsored & Guidelines page for the full explanation so so you don’t risk being asked to leave (yikes!). Some highlights: You cannot pass out any materials related to your sponsor on the event premises, this includes samples and marketing materials. Also – keep any branded clothing to T-shirts, badges, etc (NOT big costumes). Anything found will be removed and the blogger/sponsor will be responsible for any costs associated with the removal. Any blogger who is found in breach of these guidelines will be asked to leave the premises. Any questions shoot us an email to info@britmums.com.

Q: Do I need to disclose a sponsored relationship?
A: We suggest that if you are sponsored that you write a blog post disclosing your relationship with your sponsor, so that your readers are aware. It is a good ethical blogging practice and also helps raise awareness for your sponsor and how they are getting involved with the blogging community.

Q: Can I host a party for my sponsor?
A. Yes, but the party must be off premises and must not interfere with the published schedule (we are keeping you busy the entire time so there is not scope for this). Our hours are noon on Friday 20th through 8 pm on Saturday 21st).

Q: Can I attend only one day?
A: Yes of course – it’s the same great low price for both days.

Q: Can I get a refund if I find out I can’t come?
A: Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds. You can re-assign your ticket in whole up to two weeks before the event. Note you cannot split tickets (i.e. days). Please email any info@britmums.com to request the ticket change form. Sorry – WE CANNOT MAKE ANY CHANGES AFTER THIS DATE. There will be people at the door checking tickets and photo ID – so make sure you do this by the deadline.

Have another question? Just email us at info@britmums.com.

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