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Lauren is mother to three year old Dilan, writer, wannabe photographer and blogger over at Dilanandme.com. She writes about motherhood, finding herself, capturing moments and raising the future. Dilan was diagnosed with Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy and a soya allergy at six months old, and Lauren now dedicates lots of her time to supporting other allergy parents. Now known as ‘The Treat Queen’ her blog is the place to head if you are in need of a dairy free treat or three. Passionate about kindness, 90s music, and giving children with allergies a normal life, find her on Instagram @dilan_andme.

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Allergies Round-up: An introduction to allergies

Hello and welcome to my very first Allergies Round-up. I’m so excited to be able to feature some of the incredible bloggers in our community who blog about their own or their children’s allergies. Allergies of any kind can be incredibly frightening, overwhelming and often a really lonely thing to go through. Here’s an introduction […]

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