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Indy_pic_dad_bloggersIndependent: Dads join the blogging craze at BritMums Live!

Dad bloggers will take centre-stage for the first time at this weekend’s parenting blogging conference, BritMums Live, which features the first dads’ panel since it started five years ago. Susanna Scott, who runs the BritMums blogging network, says: “First mums started blogging to regain their voice, and now dads want their own voice too. And why not? They’re 50 per cent of the parents.” Read more.


mirror_adeleMirror: Why blogger communities will be influencing us all soon

As a blogger for the last 4 years, I have seen the blogging world change dramatically. I am looking forward to attending the BritMums Live conference this weekend. I spoke to Jennifer Howze, co-founder, to find out all about it. Read more.



guardian pieceThe Guardian: Start listening to mums who blog 

A large number of mum bloggers – mothers who write blogs – are meeting in the flesh, at Moorgate in London, for BritMumsLive. It’s like any other conference, except for the babies – people come partly to share knowledge and partly to cement existing relationships. Read more.



The Times family sectionThe Times: ‘Blogging gives mums a voice — a loud public one’

Mum bloggers are no longer writing just about feeding their kids — it’s feeding the world that matters now, says Sarah Ebner. Mummy blogging has grown up. And with many women now writing as much about politics as Pampers, the world outside cyberspace is recognising their influence. British parenting or mum bloggers (they generally prefer one of these to the fluffier-sounding “mummy” alternative) are at present involved with campaigns ranging from the situation in Syria to family planning across the world. Read more.



Independent: Move over, Mumsnet! Meet the new breed of cyber mothers 

Forget Mumsnet, the virtual coffee morning which debates boring biscuits and hopeless husbands. A new breed of “cybermums” is using the internet as an office, PR agency and campaign HQ to launch businesses and charities from their front room. Read more.



shiny-shinyShiny, Shiny: Ten Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs 

If you’re looking for some inspiration to kick start your online business or need a dose of motivation to persevere with a new blogging project, then take a look at our pick of ten inspiring female entrepreneurs who between them have started blogging networks, pioneered some of the most popular websites in the world and played a key role in how the tech industry has evolved over the past ten years. Read more.


Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 3.50.01 PMWebMD

BritMums regularly comments on issues related to parenting and health for the WebMD website, which provides credible information and in-depth reference material about health subjects that matter to its readers. Read more.

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