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MBPWAnd bang went March.

Does anyone else feel they’re on a time machine just touching down every now and then before flying off to the next month? This year is galloping by and I for one am really looking forward to the Easter break when hopefully I can relax a little and enjoy my family.

There were lots of voices out there on Wednesday in reference to the teachers strike, I also feel there was a lot of confusion on who to blame for this upset in our weekly routine. Penny Alexander, former teacher hit the nail on the head in her post and cleared up lots of nonsense that’s flying around, take a look and see what you think.

As for me well I made THE best pie ever last weekend, so I blogged about it, obvs – that’s what we do, so if you’re curious head over to my Chicken bacon and stilton pie recipe it’s so easy and feeds the whole family.

One more week to go people before holidays are here, hang on in there and keep on creating. Add your #MBPW to the Linky below and have a wonderful week

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