Adoption and Fostering Round-up: 15 years and grandma too

adoption fosteringHi there and welcome to July’s Adoption and Fostering round up. Maryam’s taking a break this month as she’s in the midst of Ramadan, and next month will be difficult for her too, so for the next two months your round-ups will be hosted by myself – Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour and Sarah from The Puffin Diaries.

We are both adoptive parents who write our own blogs (in fact, you’ve met me before as I also guest-edited the January round up), but together we also run The Adoption Social – a relatively new support site for anyone involved in adoption, and we also encourage the use of social media tools as support methods, I’ll tell you a bit more about it later. But for now, do have a look at these interesting adoption and fostering blogs…

To start with, take a look at Suddenly Mummy, who has been through a number of massive events and situations recently. This particular post reflects on some of those big events.

Then we’ll head straight over to Surviving 15 Years of Adoption, a blog of experiences from Fiona who is adoptive mum to grown up children, and recently became a grandmother too. Her post Adoption and Perfection describes some of her experiences, but also encourages us to accept the trauma and difficulties that adoptive children face.

You might have recently read the article on the Guardian’s Comment Is Free section written by Fraser McAlpine about adoption and specifically the names of adopted children. Lots of people were irritated and upset by the article, so using a special midweek Weekly Adoption Shout Out, adoption bloggers were encouraged to blog their response, link up and then we would provide a collective response which would hopefully be louder if we spoke together. Sally Donovan wrote one of these responses, and then followed up by tweeting with Fraser McAlpine, have a read of her post here, and if you’d like to read the other responses, you’ll find them all on The Adoption Social.

Over at The Adoption Social we run a weekly Memory Box linky for bloggers to post their celebratory moments and good memories. Adopt and Keep Calm recently linked up with some lovely photo memories of the month so far.

A fairly new blogger on the block is A Journey Into Adoption. Currently this blog is all about the journey towards becoming adoptive parents, and this post describes the final day of the preparation course. This blog is written with humour and really is worth a read.

Another blog that is recording the path towards becoming adoptive parents is On the road to adoption. In this post we get to see that panel is almost here, and a profiling session (where you get to see profiles of children that are awaiting adoption) is on the cards.

From prospective adopters to a longer term adopter…Amanda Boorman runs the post adoption organisation The Open Nest, but also blogs about life as adoptive mum to Jazz, and shares some of the things they’ve been through. In this post – It’s All In My Head – Amanda talks about brain damage and trauma.

There are of course, lots of adoption bloggers out there – we’re a growing community. Do look up Adoptive Mummy, The One Hand Man, Two Mums, Two Kids?, Life With Katie, What Am I?, New Pyjamas, Steps into Parenthood and Getting There.

And now a little plug for The Adoption Social! The site hosts two link-ups each week for bloggers, but it also provides a platform for anonymous blogging, or for those who don’t have their own blogs to occasionally write a post. The Adoption Social can also share your problem and invite readers to contribute their advice and/or experiences, and we also regularly publish information filled posts about how to blog, or use twitter or instagram. Some of our contributors share why they tweet or blog in the hope that it will encourage others to join in and find support for themselves. We aim to publish something new every weekday, so do come along and check out the site, we’d love you to contribute too.

Vicki is adoptive mum to 6 year old Mini, who wants to be a cowboy when he grows up, and birth mum to 3 year old Dollop, who currently has a broken leg in a plaster cast decorated with flowers.

boys behaviourVicki is also co-founder of The Adoption Social and blogs at The Boys Behaviour, which began as a record of the journey towards help for Mini as he struggles to come to terms with his background. She writes about their therapy sessions, feelings, behaviour and anything else in between. Vicki is grateful to be a part of a very supportive group of adopters and foster carers on twitter and in the blogosphere.

The Boy’s Behaviour is also on Facebook, and you can reach Vicki on or on Twitter @boysbehaviour

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