Which is harder: a toddler or a baby?

Helen Wallen made the shortlist in the Fresh Voice BiB category. She writes Just a normal Mummy and here she shares a special poem with the BritMums community

Which is harder; a toddler or a baby?
A question I ask with a sigh…
As you take the mummy role, they suck away your mummy soul,
But toddlers throw Megabloks at you as you cry.

Which is tougher; a toddler or a baby?
There’s really no telling them apart.
Giant boobs and eye bags, versus CBeebies while everything sags,
Thank God I had Twitter from the start…

Which is more draining; a toddler or a baby?
Newborn sleep-deprivation had me looking like sh!te.
Now it’s all tantrums and sprinting and screaming,
I’m fairly sure she could take me in a fight…

Which is more difficult; a toddler or a baby?
There’s just no easy way to distinguish.
It’s nice that I can sleep alone, but when can I go to the loo alone…
I need my bathroom time to weep and eat biscuits.

Which is more testing; a toddler or a baby?
I just don’t know where to begin…
The wailing and whining, compared with avant garde dining,
No wonder I turned to the gin.

So which is the winner; the toddler or the baby?
I’m more worried about what’s yet to come…
But one thing’s for sure, it’s the hardest job of all,
We all deserve a medal just for being a mum.


Helen Wallen, AKA WallyMummy, is the voice behind Just a normal mummy

Previously a PR/copywriter she became a parent for the first time at the end of 2011, and has now made the switch to full-time sleep-deprived gin and cake tester, or ‘full-time-mum’ to use the more official term.

She blogs about life with her daughter – The WallyBubba – giving her own frank, funny, sweary, shouty take on the parenting journey. It’ll definitely make you laugh, possibly make you cry, but most of all it’ll make you drink. And as a mother that is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT.


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  1. Bod for tea 29 May 2013 at 17:30 #

    Oh heck yes! Inspired 🙂