Good Reads May: Pink lego, camper vans and twitter friendships

good readsSo here’s the thing: it’s the middle of May and I am sitting wearing a fleece over my, not inconsiderable, layers as I type. I have committed the cardinal sin of putting the heating on because even the dog is shivering. There is a very real chance that summer has been and gone for me. If you are suffering similarly, then you might like to add an extra layer, put the kettle on and sit a while, forgetting about your troubles and the cold and the MAY weather, and read a few of the choice tidbits I have collected, collated and organised for you this month. (Yes, I have that kind of power: I get people to write to order. Not.)

Here Come The Girls is first off the block with Toddler Tablets

Dorky Mum hosts Not Even A Bag of Sugar, who considers Maternal & Newborn Health as a feminist issue

Is Pink Lego an abomination? Jake Wallis Simons thinks so.

In a Bun Dance talks campervans and kids.

The Moiderer tells of a friendship born on twitter, which sadly ended in death recently. My thoughts are with TiddlyOmPomPom on the loss of her mother, IkenCEO, scion of twitter, friend and mother.

Actually Mummy asks: do you really want to be a parent?

Red Ted Art hosts a Superhero birthday party.

Expat Parent learns a lesson the hard way. Also worth reading if you plan on playing a trick on an American  any time soon!

Scary Mommy gives advice on what to expect on the first day home from hospital with your new baby.

Blogging is a minefield, as Thinly Spread recently found out.

The Pink Whisk shares the secret of the meringue made in the microwave. This may change my life.

The Secret Father points out that birthdays are sometimes about the celebrity Birthday Cake.

Five Apps that encourage unplugged play from Geek Mummy is one I have pinned.

The Daily Mail points out that it’s not just mothers who suffer post-birth PTSD.

Chasing Rainbows tells the story of The End. This post carries a High Probability of Tears warning.

Parentdish asks if parents should censor the music children listen to.

Not Another Mummy Blog mourns the passing of More! magazine.

Mister Doctor Becky talks MMR and the media.

Mummy Barrow has an awesome Friday Rant.

Whilst Katie and The Kids offers resources for keeping your children safe online.

And if you read one post, make it this one by Her Melness’s daughter. How proud I would be to have raised this child.

Me? What have I been up to? Well it’s very kind of you to ask. This week we have been mostly making Oyster Card Holders from Duct Tape for Father’s Day. As you do. Isn’t that the perfect cue for you to suddenly find something to do that you ‘forgot’ about? Thought so! Next month? Same time, same place! I’ll be here. Waiting. Just saying….

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3 Responses to Good Reads May: Pink lego, camper vans and twitter friendships

  1. Helen 19 May 2013 at 20:08 #

    Ah you find all the best posts! Tweeted 🙂

  2. Jean (notsupermum) 20 May 2013 at 18:56 #

    Some fantastic posts there Kelly, thanks.

  3. amummysview 04 June 2013 at 20:49 #

    Some great posts thank you for sharing x