Online friendships: Stronger than real life?

Matilda maeDear Jennie,

I wrote this post last week when I first heard of the tragedy that had beset your family. I didn’t post it. Your pain is so raw and every family is different in how they react to such an emotional situation that I faltered in my step but Jennie, I haven’t stopped thinking about you all week. I read you blog, I read your tweets and my heart is breaking for you. I wish there was something I could do. I wish I could put this wrong to right. I, along with the fabulous online community that we have grown to know and love.

It was your tweets that inspired me to post. Soon after your loss you were online and saying there would be people who couldn’t understand WHY? you were online.

We do.

We understand you and Jennie we want to support you every single step you take from now on. I speak as a voice of the online community. We want to be there for you when you’re not feeling so strong, when you falter, when you’re angry and when you think you can’t carry on anymore. We want to be there for you Jennie.

The online community takes an awful lot of knocks for being superfluous but right now we are surrounding you with our love and sending you strength and courage to take the next step.

May Matilda Mae be incredibly proud of her beautiful mummy, may the doubters start to see what the online community is all about. We are strangers at the end of the day but our hearts are filled with love and care for our fellow members.

We will be by your side whilst you cry, we will hold your hand whilst you suffer the incomprehensible and we will be there whilst you take your first faltering steps to ‘finding the new you’.

With all our love I give you this

Mari x

When I first started carving out a space in cyberworld for myself I came across an awful lot of fear and disapproval from family members and friends too. It was still a pretty new idea and the media were constantly telling us to beware and not share too many details as they were all baddies out there. I was advised on many occasion to get offline and do more in real life.

How many of us have struck up conversations via forums, Twitter and blog posts and from those few initial exchanges have formed a perfectly steadfast friendship, one possibly stronger than many you have had in ‘real life’ for years? I know great part of my cyber relationships have since been sealed with a meet up and have gone on to form friendships where I can laugh, chat, cry and share parts of my life with these human beings I wouldn’t have otherwise met if we hadn’t spoken online.

Last weekend we learnt that one of our dear members has lost her 9 month old daughter and EVERYONE is heart broken. Everyone wants to turn back the clock, do something to take this poor mother’s pain away. A cot death. The words themselves instil fear in my heart. How does it still exist in 2013? Surely we’ve come up with something to put an end to this tragic occurance?

I am reading tweets and messages left on Facebook, I am watching the wonderful blogging community reach out and try to help this fellow blogger to get through what will probably prove to be her biggest challenge yet.

I am so proud of the blogging community and being a part of it right now.

Barely six weeks have passed since we lost Kerry, Multiple Mummy. That was shocking, that tripped us all up and made us realise how fragile our lives are, how we must take time to hug our dear ones, tell them we love them. How we must appreciate every single moment of every single day.

The thing with blogging about ourselves and our families is that readers get to know you, your children, your life. They feel part of your life. They congratulate on birthdays, milestones, weddings and family achievements. We, as bloggers, hope by sharing we inspire and share our knowledge so others can benefit. So when things do go wrong the community want to help, they feel your pain and they stand around you waiting to pull you through. Quietly supporting, quietly sharing your pain in the hope of taking a little piece away.

THIS is our community, we may have our moments but at the end of the day we come together and provide a force to be recognised.

Together we work magic.

If you’d like to support Jennie she’s creating a My Matilda Mae Pinterest board of photos and images celebrating Matilda Mae that can be tweeted to her @Edspire The above was my photo.

This post has been transferred over from the previous BritMums blog, copied below are screenshots of the beautiful messages left by our members

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3 Responses to Online friendships: Stronger than real life?

  1. Sonya Cisco 12 February 2013 at 08:35 #

    Perfectly put Mari, I am astounded again and again by the strength and bonds of this communtiy that I didn’t even know existed a year ago!

  2. Helen Braid 14 February 2013 at 12:47 #

    I have been very taken aback by just how much I’ve been affected by Jennie’s story. I’ve thought so often about this heartbroken family every day since their terrible news broke. It goes to show just how ‘real’ the online world becomes in our lives. And we are, nearly all of us, parents – so are affected by this tragedy even more. I really enjoyed your post because it has helped me understand that many others will feel the same as me. That I’m not crazy in feeling such strong emotion towards people I’ve never met! A year ago I didn’t even have a facebook page, let alone a blog – so the online community is still new to me. But there is certainly no doubting its strength, and at times like this, its love x


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