Brit Mums Live Google + hangouts: Crossing the Chasm

Google+ hangouts There are a lot of us who are sitting back and watching the Google + social network take form in front of us not knowing exactly what we are supposed to be doing with it, luckily there was a Google + stand at Brit Mums Live with some fabulous experts ready and willing to get us up to scratch, I hope many of you managed to pass by or attend their workshop Guide to Google + Getting the most out of Cirlces, hangouts and more. Today I’m going to focus on hangouts as after a number of the sessions we invited bloggers who couldn’t make the conference to hangout with the speakers via Google after the session.

Of course one of the beauties of a Google hangout is it is saved and can be referred to time and time again. It will show up on your timeline, you can edit it and embed it into a blog post, in fact the list is endless!

In order for you to get a feel for them we are presenting you the hangouts from Brit Mums Live 2012 and to kick off

Crossing the Chasm – How to take your blog to the next level

Nickie O Hara, Jane Blackmore, Maggy Woodly, Melinda Fargo and Michelle Pannell give their tips on how to take your blog to the next level

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